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The meaning behind Sinus Infections

As winter and the holidays approach, we will recognize more and more respiratory illnesses around us. Don't fear. You can't catch anything. What you might do is let it in. The secret to staying healthy is "not letting it in!".

How does one do that? By having compassion for a person who is ill. But in today's fast paced world, we are so afraid to get sick, we resent those who are. And it is through resentment that we imbalance our spleen because it holds the energy of "resentment of others".

Understanding this, let me take you one step further. The spleen is directly connected to our lymphatic system which is directly connected to our mucus membranes. So if we hold on to resentment of others a bit too long, all this resentment energy will back up into our mucus membranes as bitterness. When it turns into bitterness, watch out, sinus infection is the outcome.

Holding on to bitterness too long can manifest into "hating the situation" at which point, this deep anger energy will enter into our lymphatic system having the ability to create swollen glands, lung infections and tonsillitis. Not pretty is it?

By paying attention to our body's language (which speaks through our physical symptoms), we can choose whether we remain healthy or follow the crowd of illness.

What choice is the healthy choice? The choice to remember that we are compassionate beings and knowing that the only way for me to catch someone else's illness is if I allow it in through my own emotional imbalances.

Now the only one responsible for my health or illness is me.


Fiona said...

Thank you Linda, this is very interesting. I am working through anger and bitterness right now, and am suffering with allergies for the first time in years.

Anonymous said...

I can say from my experience that this is true. I have been pretty pissed off for a long time over my home and work situation in which I feel trapped...haven't been able to find a better money earning deal or not happy living with a roommate who I don't want to be with. So much resentment over all this. And have had 5 bouts of sinus ailments. Lately I have been practising Buddhist breathing exercises to feel happier and accepting everything. Interesting....

Linda Wojcik is Joshua's Mom teaching parents how to advocate for their sensitive children. said...

When it turns into an infection, you can be sure you have reached the state of bitterness... learn these words: "I forgive myself for.... I am ready to appreciate..." It is time to redirect your energy! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for these information, these are so true...
I started developing one sinus infection after another when I was very upset with treatment I was getting at work, and also very unhappy with my living arrangements. I`m now left with tinnitus which doesn`t want to go away, even if I already left the job 2 years ago and changed my rooming. I thought I have worked through that already, I am meditating, using affirmations, and telling myself often that I am willing to forgive - whether myself or others. But I guess this is not enough, otherwise I wouldn`t be sitting here with yet another sinus infection and tinnitus. I probably need to get much deeper...any suggestions? :)

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

Hi Anonymous: What I have learned from vibrational healing is that we may be able to deny our emotions and our beliefs; we cannot deny our physical pain. If your pain refuses to go away, it is because it is asking for more work to be done vibrationally. Usually this energy is very old, some of which is passed down through generations. So it can be difficult to recognize. That is why I love working with vibrational medicines. They take us to the "heart" of the matter so to speak. It brings this old energy back to us so we can heal ourself, one layer at a time. If this is something that interests you to work on in the future, I do work via the phone and Skype. Please feel free to contact me directly at anytime.