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Healing the Irritated Throat

One of the first signs that you’re about to get sick (especially in the cold winter months) begins with that little tickle in the back of the throat; otherwise known as “throat irritation.” This is appropriately named, as the energy that allows this imbalance in the throat is, “I am irritated.” 

Why? Because the true essence of the throat chakra is connected to “the voice of compassion.” Sometimes we forget we are compassionate beings, and we choose to step away from who we are. Hence, we become easily irritated.

The moment you feel that little irritation in your throat is the moment you are being directed to change yourself. How? By asking yourself,  “What am I irritated about?” Once you connect to the truth about what or who is irritating you, you can take the next step to healing; the step to forgive whatever or whoever it was that irritated you; the step to forgive yourself for your own irritation. How do we do that? Simply by speaking it. “I am sorry I am irritated at that person/situation; I am sorry I chose to be irritated. I forgive them and I forgive myself.” These powerful words begin the process of releasing the energy tied to your physical symptom. 

Along with healing words, flower essences can be very beneficial in helping to move the energy. You may need one or more of the following to help move the process along:

Willow for resentments/bitterness in the mucus membranes (6th chakra)
Beech for the irritated throat (5th chakra)
Holly to ensure your bronchial tubes are protecting your lungs (4th chakra)
Mimulus to connect to the courage to own your part in all this, and it does take courage. It is easy to blame others for our illnesses; or we can use that same energy to heal ourself.

As you go through the process of moving the energy attached to the irritation, the next step is to support the physical body through the detox process. Some of the products I find most useful in helping to heal the physical symptoms are:

Herbal and Vitamin Supplements:

HerbPharm Goldenseal Root tincture - the taste is quite intense; however, it is also quite effective. 10 drops 2x to 3x a day begins the process of killing any infection that may be trying to make a home there. HerbPharm also makes a glycerine Goldenseal Root Tincture for those who may want to avoid the alcohol.

Echinacea, Elderberry, Astragalus and Vitamin C are all helpful to boost the immune system. Its important to have them available for times likes these.

Cells Salts and Homeopathic remedies:

Ferrum Phos for inflammation and to bring more oxygen to the inflamed cells, and anger is inflammatory.
Natrum Phos to help balance any acid created from fear of getting ill (or any other fears that may be attached to this energy)
Kali Mur if the symptoms are affecting the mucus membranes.

How much should you take? It depends. Your body will let you know. Listen to it. Begin with 2 to 3x a day and decrease the potency as you feel yourself healing.

We are intuitive beings. Use your intuition. Trust yourself. And let the healing begin! 

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