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No Sugar or Pain? What would you choose?

I would not want to minimize anyone’s pain. We’ve all had our share of pain in life; and pain hurts, both physically and emotionally. However, when I hear the same words within a very short period of time from two different clients who have no connection to one another, I’ve learned to pay attention. Two different pains; same language. 
Client #1:

Pam came to me with severe neurological muscular pain. She has suffered for many years with muscular pain, and has tried all types of therapies. None worked. Her pain could manifest anywhere In her body at any time. In her own words, “I am in constant pain and no one has been able to help me.” As with many of my clients, Pam was desperate; what did she have to lose?

As she spoke, three things came to mind. Yeast and intolerance creating a magnesium deficiency to top it all. I explained to Pam the importance of not feeding the yeast or the emotion. We began a layer with flowers and cell salts as well as adding a magnesium supplement and a list of the foods she needed to avoid.

Pam returned a month later; and instead of expressing that she was in constant pain, she expressed, “I have hope.” Her pain had diminished about 50% in four short weeks. She was delighted. She left my office armed with her second layer. Four weeks later, Pam returned and so had her pain. “What happened? What is different than the last layer?”

Pam answered quickly. “I know what’s causing my pain; sugar.” 

Pam admitted that for the first four weeks, she was very strict with her diet. She had followed It to a tee. The second layer, she got a bit messy. She started reintroducing sugars and refined carbohydrates. Once she began, she could not stop… or more appropriately would not stop. The emotions won and Pam was feeding her pain.

Although Pam was discouraged, I was hopeful! Pam now had the power of choice on her side. Would she choose pain, which means she would choose sugar? Or, would she choose to be pain free and eliminate the sugar? At the moment, Pam was consciously choosing sugar over being pain free. I was fascinated.

Pam left our session armed with Agrimony… the flower that helps take us from addiction to truth. Only time will tell which choice Pam will make.

Client #2:

Heather suffered with migraines for a very long time. Her headaches manifested almost daily. She felt certain that she would suffer with pain for the rest of her life. However, as Heather worked anger layer upon anger layer, she learned a valuable lesson. On her last layer she admitted, “I know what is causing my headaches. Sugar!” I had to take notice; Pam had spoken the very same words. 

Heather got very strict with eliminating all sugar from her diet. Her headaches disappeared. Then Christmas came and she allowed herself to cheat. The next day she suffered. However, she now knew that she was the cause of her pain. She was now armed with the power to decide if she had a headache, or not. I believe Heather has healed enough to choose to eliminate her pain by eliminating sugar.

When I first meet a client, I always share the foods that feed our emotions; our pains. The better they are at avoiding the foods, the faster they can flush toxins (both physical and emotional) from their bodies.Those that take food seriously heal faster. 

Then, as we go through our layers, we may forget the importance food plays in our healing. We may choose to reintroduce foods that cause our pains, without recognizing the connection. Having Pam and Heather both experience the same lesson at the same time confirms what we already know to be true. Sugar is a neurotoxin. If you want to heal your pain, heal your sugar addiction.

For those who are in constant pain, eliminating ALL sugar is essential for the body to heal. Once off all sugars and the pain subsides, reintroducing one “good” sugar at a time allow you to see if the body is able to tolerate small amounts of a sweetener. The first sweetener I would reintroduce (in my humble opinion) would be pure maple syrup. If this is tolerated well and no reaction is noted, then Organic Blue Agave may be tolerated, as well as organic brown rice syrup. The point is, the body is a barometer; listen to it; then love that you did.. love really does heal all.

Update on Client #1. Pam just finished her third layer with Agrimony. It helped her cravings and she reduced her sugar intake (most of the time). When asked if 10 was the worst pain where did she rate her body now? She rated it at a 6. Pam still struggles to stay completely off sugar; however, she now knows the path she need to take to  become pain free. It will be interesting to see if she can stay on it.

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