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Seasonal Allergies and Euphrasia

I normally am not bothered by seasonal allergies. This year was a different story. Last week it became evidently clear that allergies were aggravating my 6th chakra mucus membranes. After hiking with Wes on Friday, I came home feeling clogged, exhausted and grumpy. I could not deny that the pollen had clogged my system. I mostly felt it behind and above my eyes, and although absent a headache, the heaviness was .. well.. heavy.

The first thought that comes to mind for mucus membranes is Willow. And there was one particular incident recently that may have sparked a little resentment in me. I took a dose. There was a slight shift; yet, nothing that said to me.. “that’s it!”

An hour later, with not much relief, I clearly heard the word Euphrasia. Euphrasia is a homeopathic remedy that helps heal many eye symptoms. And the pollen was definitely attacking the eye area. Throughout healing, I have learned to listen to my divine wisdom. I went in search of Euphrasia which was no further than my alternative medicine cabinet. I took two pellets. 

In less than 5 minutes, my head began clearing noticeably. I’m not kidding...5 minutes! Before bed, I took another pellet. By morning I felt 95% better. I was on the right track. In the morning, I took an additional dose of Euphrasia (for good measure) along with another dose of Willow (just because it felt right). Allergy symptoms no more! I feel clear and healthy.

According to Yoga International, Euphrasia is used for: 

“Symptoms that are centered in the eyes: profuse tearing that is acrid and burning in nature; bland, non-irritating nasal discharge. Respiratory symptoms (runny nose, cough) are worse on rising in the morning; symptoms are better in open air and in the dark.”

Although I did not have all the symptoms, I knew enough about Euphrasia that it is often given for the first signs of eye issues, and my symptoms were definitely centered around my eyes... plus I distinctly heard to use it! I had the remedy; why not try it? 

According to Doctors Health Press,  When it comes to treating eye conditions, homeopathic euphrasia is one of the better remedies available. After all, the homeopathic remedy is made from the plant known as “eyebright.” It is believed that eyebright got its name from a traditional indigenous medication for treating eye irritation.” 

You can read the entire article here: 

As you all know, I am a powerful advocate of alternative medicines. Euphrasia came to my rescue with no side effects.

I have a new found appreciation for those who suffer with allergies. They are not fun. Yet, I feel honored to have experienced the symptoms so I can learn and share with you a powerful way to help heal them. Truth be told, I’ve probably felt allergies at a subtle level for a week, yet may have thought it was something I had eaten or drank.. which of course may have aggravated the situation. Friday was my day of reckoning, however, when my body made it perfectly clear that healing allergies was front and center.

I am very blessed to have so many alternative medicines at my disposal. As we heal, we collect all the remedies we may require throughout our journey. The trick is learning when to use them.

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