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Can Feeling Overwhelmed Show You the Way to Truth?

Erica knew she often felt overwhelmed in life. She also recognized she had a desire to run and hide from those she loved. Why did she keep getting on this unhappy roller coaster ride? 

Most recently, Erica had a huge awakening. It took many layers to remove enough barriers and shields to clearly witness how all this energy played out. On her last layer, she watched the process unfold before her, and this is what she saw:

“It all begins with a fear of not getting my needs met. Fear then turns to feeling overwhelmed. Both of these energies have been clear to me for quite some time.

“Recently, I watched how fear and overwhelm together took me straight to disappointment. I become disappointed with the other person, blaming them for not meeting my needs, although I never expressed what my needs were. Shouldn’t they know?

“Within moments, fight and flight took over, protecting my space with anger toward the other person for not meeting my needs; and then I felt entitled to blame that person for the whole process, feeling justified to push them away.

“Finally, I ended up sad and alone. Which is not where I wanted to be at all. And yet there I was over and over again.”

The good news is that Erica’s last layer allowed her to stop when she felt the disappointment emerge. Instead of taking the next step toward blaming them, she took a breath and grounded herself. That one moment allowed her the space to express her needs clearly. Luckily, Erica had a partner who was willing to listen and responded appropriately once he knew what her needs were. 

Erica was learning a new way of being; a new path to experience her true self. She realized that her old behaviors were directly related to her upbringing. When she was younger, she was not allowed to be upset or angry; her parents could not handle that behavior. Instead she allowed her anger to overwhelm her. In that state, she was unable to ask for what she needed. Erica had become her anger. 

 “I couldn’t trust that I could get what I needed from someone else; so the only solution was to push away those I love, then blame them for my anger so I could be alone. Being alone was the only place I felt safe.”

Although these behaviors were ingrained, they never really worked. The goal now is for Erica to create a new memory cell where she will no longer need her fight and flight behavior to feel safe; she will feel safe expressing her truth.
Expressing one’s truth should be the easy path, and yet for most of us, it is the most difficult one. However, the more we practice truth, the easier truth becomes. And since truth takes us to love, Erica will soon learn to love her choices. And as we are all learning together, love really does heal all.

Just how much attention does one really need?

Lucy was often upset when her boss was ignoring her. She felt he should check in with her daily. What if she had questions or problems? She realized she was more upset at work than she was happy; and she blamed her boss for her unhappiness. According to Lucy, it was all his fault. Or was it?

My question to Lucy was, “what do you need from him?”  The truth was, she needed attention. I thought it possible that Lucy’s boss trusted her competence and judgments, and he did not feel the need to be checking in on her all the time. Lucy could have felt honored with such trust; instead, she felt angry. Her blame cells took control each time she felt ignored.

As Lucy worked through her layers, she was finally able to accept that her boss simply trusted her. She eventually learned to let go and enjoy her freedom at work. This transition took many, many layers to achieve. It was time well spent.

I then watched as Lucy’s healing took another turn. Her detachment from needing attention from her boss rolled over to her relationship with her sister. In reality, Lucy and her sister had a tumultuous relationship for many years. As long as Lucy was focused on her boss, she had no need to focus on her sister. As Lucy changed, so did her needs; the relationship with her sister took a front row seat.

Everything Lucy’s sister did or said aggravated her to the point that she did not even want to spend time with her. It was too traumatizing. As we dug into their past, Lucy realized she was jealous of her sister’s freedom in life. She felt ignored and stuck most of the time, and she admitted that she “needed” more from the relationship than her sister was capable of giving her.

It was time for Lucy to figure out why she needed all this attention from others. What was she not giving to herself? Lucy knew it was time to take care of her own needs. Could she do it? First, she had to figure out what her needs were and where all this “needy” energy began.

In high school, Lucy’s dream was to go to college. Her father had different plans. Lucy’s dream was put on the back burner and she pursued a career as a secretary, as her father mandated. That was the major glitch in Lucy’s past that began the process of needing confirmation from others.  It followed her throughout life.

After many years and many layers, Lucy was beginning to feel excitement.  For the first time she could remember, she did not feel a need from her sister. She was beginning to have healthy conversations with her sister and she was enjoying their time together.

She admitted to me that a major shift occurred after a phone call with her sister whereby, upon hanging up the phone, Lucy watched herself become obsessive over a comment her sister innocently shared. This one comment became a huge trauma in her head. She watched herself dance over it, around it and under it. After two days of constant obsessive thoughts, she finally had enough with herself. This was her ah-ha moment. Lucy finally admitted to herself that her issues were not about her sister at all. It was time to stop blaming her sister for her behaviors. This is the moment the cellular level shifts from blame to acceptance.

Through acceptance, Lucy finally admitted out loud how ridiculous her obsessions had become. She was ready to face her pain. It was she that was making a mountain out of a molehill, and she wanted to be done with it. She recognized it, honored it and finally spoke it to herself. It is in this moment, the cells have an opportunity to change.

Thanksgiving came and Lucy spent the day with her sister. She was happy to report that they had a great time together. There was nothing left to fight about. The truth was, Lucy loves her sister; it was time to act in love and leave the pain of her past behind.  And that is exactly what she did!

You’re never too old to learn the relationship between food and healing..

I watched my mother’s dance with illness for quite some time. It seemed to be the same dance with whatever it was she was dancing with:

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, heartburn
Followed by a chronic cough
Followed by severe back pain diagnosed as sciatica

Early on, in its most severe state, mom was rushed to the hospital with intense dehydration. A few times we thought we would lose her.  We didn't; Mom is now 89.

Having been in the health food industry for over 35 years and having used food as medicine most of my life, I finally interjected. I think you need to eliminate all pork products and cow dairy from your diet. That was easier said than done. Mom could be a bit resistant.

Now that she was in a “retirement” home, and after meeting with the dietician, her files were clearly updated. Pork and cow dairy products were eliminated from Mom's meal plan. I replaced cow dairy with Coconut Milk ice cream sandwiches and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. That seemed to appease her, although Mom was not happy with this new change. 

She felt she was being denied the things she had enjoyed all her life and she resented me for igniting the spark. I explained the possibility that these foods may be having a direct impact on her physical symptoms. She refused to hear my truth. 

This is when the child becomes the parent, and the parent becomes the child. I was willing to play that game if need be. I ignored her anger and did what I felt best for her at this point in our lives.  

Slowly I watched as mom noticeably improved. Her bouts of illness were fewer and farther between and each one was less severe. Trips to the hospital became a memory of the past.

And one day, the symptoms came back with a vengeance. Mom had gone out to dinner and upon asking what she had eaten, she replied, “crab cakes.” She had eaten them previously in life; why would they be a problem now? She decided to test her theory a few weeks later when crab cakes were offered at the retirement home. Low and behold… same outcome. She did not need much convincing that crab cakes needed to be avoided. She was not happy, yet not quite as resistant. We were making progress.

Again, her body was happy, and her bouts of illness diminished noticeably; if one did occur, it was short lived.

Most recently, her and I were shopping and she had that chronic cough usually following a digestive upset. She admitted that she had experienced a night of heartburn, keeping her from sleep most of the night, which definitely did not make her happy.  This time, however, she admitted, “I know what caused my heartburn. It was the peppers I had at dinner.”

It was a miracle! Mom willingly took responsibility for her food choices. She admitted that she thought peppers had bothered her previously and this time she was sure of it. The major difference this time was that she was not mad about it. She was actually excited that she had figured it out on her own. This time I did not have to tell her to stop eating them, she told me she was done eating them.

Finally, my mother was taking charge of her own healing. Although she had manifested the chronic cough following the digestive upset, it was mild and short lived; and the back pain never manifested itself. Could it be that her anger had caused the back pain and now that she was not angry about the truth, her body did not have to become inflamed? Anger is inflammatory after all.

In the end, Mom was proud of herself; I am very proud of her too! We've come a long way together. 

Sugar is a Painful Addiction..

In a previous article, Pam’s muscular pain had improved noticeably after only one layer (4 weeks). She accomplished this feat by following a strict yeast-free diet along with vibrational medicines that helped her see through the eyes of truth instead of the eyes of the emotion.

Pam’s 2nd layer confirmed without a doubt that sugar was feeding her pain. She was doing well until she had this thought: “just a little sugar can’t hurt.” Pam learned that a little sugar hurt a lot. One sugar craving led to another and before long, her sugar intake was out of control. One dose of sugar was not enough (a true Agrimony trait). Her pain returned with a vengeance, and she could no longer pretend (another Agrimony trait) that sugar was her friend. Now that Pam was willing to take responsibility for her choices, we introduced the flower essence Agrimony into her regiment along with the recommendation to eliminate sugar once again. I could feel Pam’s fear and resistance. What would Pam choose?

You can see Pam’s previous article here in case you missed it:

Fast forward to Pam’s 3rd layer:

I met with Pam again recently, and she was proud to report that her pain had diminished by 70%, her mobility was greatly improved and she lost a considerable amount of weight. Even more importantly, she was able to get off all her pain meds. Her doctors were amazed. I was happy.

Agrimony helped Pam replace her sugar cravings with healthy food choices. Pam is happy with her choices for the first time in a long time and is confident she can begin to heal her addictions. Knowing that she has the power to control her pain is a powerful shift from her old Agrimony ways. You can read more about the Agrimony personality here:

As she enters her next phase of healing, Pam will come face to face with honoring each choice she makes. If she is not happy with a choice, she is free to change it at any time. Her body will show her the way. It will be up to Pam to decide in that moment if she chooses to be pain free and sugar free.

It will take all of Pam’s courage and determination to stay on this new path. The moment the old cells realize they are not being fed is the moment they will send a message to the brain and the cravings will begin again. I hope Pam is strong enough to say “NO!” I hope Pam chooses love over sugar; love really does heal all.

Read the article below to learn more about addiction and pain.

No Sugar or Pain? What would you choose?

I would not want to minimize anyone’s pain. We’ve all had our share of pain in life; and pain hurts, both physically and emotionally. However, when I hear the same words within a very short period of time from two different clients who have no connection to one another, I’ve learned to pay attention. Two different pains; same language. 
Client #1:

Pam came to me with severe neurological muscular pain. She has suffered for many years with muscular pain, and has tried all types of therapies. None worked. Her pain could manifest anywhere In her body at any time. In her own words, “I am in constant pain and no one has been able to help me.” As with many of my clients, Pam was desperate; what did she have to lose?

As she spoke, three things came to mind. Yeast and intolerance creating a magnesium deficiency to top it all. I explained to Pam the importance of not feeding the yeast or the emotion. We began a layer with flowers and cell salts as well as adding a magnesium supplement and a list of the foods she needed to avoid.

Pam returned a month later; and instead of expressing that she was in constant pain, she expressed, “I have hope.” Her pain had diminished about 50% in four short weeks. She was delighted. She left my office armed with her second layer. Four weeks later, Pam returned and so had her pain. “What happened? What is different than the last layer?”

Pam answered quickly. “I know what’s causing my pain; sugar.” 

Pam admitted that for the first four weeks, she was very strict with her diet. She had followed It to a tee. The second layer, she got a bit messy. She started reintroducing sugars and refined carbohydrates. Once she began, she could not stop… or more appropriately would not stop. The emotions won and Pam was feeding her pain.

Although Pam was discouraged, I was hopeful! Pam now had the power of choice on her side. Would she choose pain, which means she would choose sugar? Or, would she choose to be pain free and eliminate the sugar? At the moment, Pam was consciously choosing sugar over being pain free. I was fascinated.

Pam left our session armed with Agrimony… the flower that helps take us from addiction to truth. Only time will tell which choice Pam will make.

Client #2:

Heather suffered with migraines for a very long time. Her headaches manifested almost daily. She felt certain that she would suffer with pain for the rest of her life. However, as Heather worked anger layer upon anger layer, she learned a valuable lesson. On her last layer she admitted, “I know what is causing my headaches. Sugar!” I had to take notice; Pam had spoken the very same words. 

Heather got very strict with eliminating all sugar from her diet. Her headaches disappeared. Then Christmas came and she allowed herself to cheat. The next day she suffered. However, she now knew that she was the cause of her pain. She was now armed with the power to decide if she had a headache, or not. I believe Heather has healed enough to choose to eliminate her pain by eliminating sugar.

When I first meet a client, I always share the foods that feed our emotions; our pains. The better they are at avoiding the foods, the faster they can flush toxins (both physical and emotional) from their bodies.Those that take food seriously heal faster. 

Then, as we go through our layers, we may forget the importance food plays in our healing. We may choose to reintroduce foods that cause our pains, without recognizing the connection. Having Pam and Heather both experience the same lesson at the same time confirms what we already know to be true. Sugar is a neurotoxin. If you want to heal your pain, heal your sugar addiction.

For those who are in constant pain, eliminating ALL sugar is essential for the body to heal. Once off all sugars and the pain subsides, reintroducing one “good” sugar at a time allow you to see if the body is able to tolerate small amounts of a sweetener. The first sweetener I would reintroduce (in my humble opinion) would be pure maple syrup. If this is tolerated well and no reaction is noted, then Organic Blue Agave may be tolerated, as well as organic brown rice syrup. The point is, the body is a barometer; listen to it; then love that you did.. love really does heal all.

Update on Client #1. Pam just finished her third layer with Agrimony. It helped her cravings and she reduced her sugar intake (most of the time). When asked if 10 was the worst pain where did she rate her body now? She rated it at a 6. Pam still struggles to stay completely off sugar; however, she now knows the path she need to take to  become pain free. It will be interesting to see if she can stay on it.

Healing the Irritated Throat

One of the first signs that you’re about to get sick (especially in the cold winter months) begins with that little tickle in the back of the throat; otherwise known as “throat irritation.” This is appropriately named, as the energy that allows this imbalance in the throat is, “I am irritated.” 

Why? Because the true essence of the throat chakra is connected to “the voice of compassion.” Sometimes we forget we are compassionate beings, and we choose to step away from who we are. Hence, we become easily irritated.

The moment you feel that little irritation in your throat is the moment you are being directed to change yourself. How? By asking yourself,  “What am I irritated about?” Once you connect to the truth about what or who is irritating you, you can take the next step to healing; the step to forgive whatever or whoever it was that irritated you; the step to forgive yourself for your own irritation. How do we do that? Simply by speaking it. “I am sorry I am irritated at that person/situation; I am sorry I chose to be irritated. I forgive them and I forgive myself.” These powerful words begin the process of releasing the energy tied to your physical symptom. 

Along with healing words, flower essences can be very beneficial in helping to move the energy. You may need one or more of the following to help move the process along:

Willow for resentments/bitterness in the mucus membranes (6th chakra)
Beech for the irritated throat (5th chakra)
Holly to ensure your bronchial tubes are protecting your lungs (4th chakra)
Mimulus to connect to the courage to own your part in all this, and it does take courage. It is easy to blame others for our illnesses; or we can use that same energy to heal ourself.

As you go through the process of moving the energy attached to the irritation, the next step is to support the physical body through the detox process. Some of the products I find most useful in helping to heal the physical symptoms are:

Herbal and Vitamin Supplements:

HerbPharm Goldenseal Root tincture - the taste is quite intense; however, it is also quite effective. 10 drops 2x to 3x a day begins the process of killing any infection that may be trying to make a home there. HerbPharm also makes a glycerine Goldenseal Root Tincture for those who may want to avoid the alcohol.

Echinacea, Elderberry, Astragalus and Vitamin C are all helpful to boost the immune system. Its important to have them available for times likes these.

Cells Salts and Homeopathic remedies:

Ferrum Phos for inflammation and to bring more oxygen to the inflamed cells, and anger is inflammatory.
Natrum Phos to help balance any acid created from fear of getting ill (or any other fears that may be attached to this energy)
Kali Mur if the symptoms are affecting the mucus membranes.

How much should you take? It depends. Your body will let you know. Listen to it. Begin with 2 to 3x a day and decrease the potency as you feel yourself healing.

We are intuitive beings. Use your intuition. Trust yourself. And let the healing begin! 

When Change is Surrounded by Fear...

I received an email recently: “I did it. I made it through this layer.”  Ellie was proud of herself; I was proud of her too. Healing can be quite challenging. Layers are much like a roller coaster. Sometimes the ride is intense, scary; other times the ride feels more like a kiddy carnival. At the very least, each layer is interesting; we certainly are interesting beings. As we face different aspects of ourself, the question becomes, is that who I want to be NOW? That was a question Ellie had to answer and this is her story:

Ellie was sure she wanted to move to Colorado. She was feeling excited about the move; until she moved. “Things have not turned out as expected,” she wrote. “I don’t know if I can do this. I feel very scared.”

On past layers, Ellie connected to her “gut” intuition. Each time she followed her intuition, it took her where she wanted to go. Yet, fear often managed to get in her way. This layer was showing Ellie exactly how fear manipulated her joy.

As the fear surfaced, Ellie’s intuition told her to “hold on; things will be sorted out.” Although she wanted to believe in herself, she felt very uncomfortable. She had been crying, yelling and feeling nauseous. She feared that everything she does ends up in pain. It was here she had an “ah-ha” moment. She remembered that each time she tried to move and start a new life, she never made it through. She left during that uncomfortable transition period.

She also realized the “uncomfortable feeling” needed to be dealt with. Was the discomfort an opportunity to make a different choice? Is it time to work through her fears instead of giving into them? Cry if you must; scream if you must; throw up if you must. Do not let fear win! Would Ellie take her power back?

I wrote to Ellie: “... you are seeing your pattern clearly, and you have a choice. You can run again and continue being afraid to try something new (although I do not believe spiritually that is what you want to do)...or you can face your fears and work through them. If you have Mimulus take a big dose to ground you into the courage to maintain the course. And then use a smaller dose of  Mimulus each time the fear attempts to surface again. I think that will help you get through this.”

A short time later, Ellie wrote: “Things are going well. Right after I sent you that email, I felt a very strong reassurance, and things are now coming together. I’m enjoying myself. I have about a week left on this layer. I felt a shift and I’m thinking it’s the next layer revealing itself. This layer I worked on separating trauma & depression. I think I’ve healed the trauma. My second chakra feels completely different, and I have noticed an obvious shift. I think the depression piece is coming forward to be healed next.” I agreed with Ellie; get ready for the next ride.

Ellie’s determination to heal herself through each layer is not easy. Yet, it will ultimately get her where she wants to be... loving her life by loving her choices. As long as Ellie fears her choices, she cannot be loving them. Choose love Ellie; if we choose love, fear cannot win.