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Repetitive Patterns - Opportunities to Heal?

While healing at high vibrational levels, we may be offered gifts on a silver platter. One of our greatest lessons is to recognize these gifts as divine. When offered, do you graciously accept the gift, or do you choose to analyze it? When divinity hands you a gift, I hope you receive it with gratitude. The more we practice gratitude, the more we are given... Its energetic! Gratitude = abundance.

Gail was recently handed a gift on a silver platter. She was recommended for a job in which she was extremely qualified. She applied with reservation. Half of her wanted the job; the other half had doubts about the job. The doubts got in the way. Instead of simply accepting the gift she was offered, she chose to analyze it. 
  • “If I take that job, I expect .....” 
  • “If they offer me the job, I don’t want to have to do ......” 
Gail was slapping a gift horse in the mouth. Why would she do that?

Gail’s life lesson is to heal disappointments. Her pattern has been to attach expectations to her experiences, and expectations create disappointments. Round and round she goes, unaware of what she is doing. Her expectations created a glitch within the experience. Even with her qualifications, experience and recommendation, she was bypassed as a finalist. Silver platters have a way of being taken away when not appreciated.

With further discussion, Gail realized the job offer was another opportunity to change herself. Even after healing layers upon layers, her patterned cells won again. However, there is a light at the end of the disappointment tunnel... 

As we spoke about the experience, a light went off. She got it; she owned it. I explained that she had a choice. She could become the victim in this experience and continue to repeat her patterns; or she could learn the lesson, which would set her up for the next opportunity to try again.  “Ask and you shall receive” is very powerful at this point in our healing. If we ask for another lesson, the lesson will come swiftly... much like, “If we build it, they will come” energy.

After all was said and done, Gail brought me up to date with an email: “I believe I am experiencing one lesson after another today. They are small, yet they are significant. I think I am finally understanding how I set myself up for disappointments.” A powerful moment for Gail.

In addition, Gail had a major “ah-ha” moment.  “I remember having the very same experience in College when I was offered a job in which the very same circumstances occurred. I think I am repeating this pattern to learn something quite powerful.” This is where we connect the dots. The pains of our past are recreated in our present... not as a punishment, but as an opportunity to try again. Why not try differently?

The next step for Gail is to see if she can change her attachment to her life lessons that are revealing themselves. Once the BIG elephant in the room is removed, it is often easy to see what is hidden beneath. 

Gail is seeing clearly now. I hope she is ready to move disappointment out of the way and go directly to appreciation... much like bypassing jail and going directly to home. Appreciation after all is the same energy as abundance, and abundance creates more of what we desire in life. Its time for Gail to decide what she wants more of in her life.

I hope she picks the silver platter next time with gratitude.

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