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Sugar is a Painful Addiction..

In a previous article, Pam’s muscular pain had improved noticeably after only one layer (4 weeks). She accomplished this feat by following a strict yeast-free diet along with vibrational medicines that helped her see through the eyes of truth instead of the eyes of the emotion.

Pam’s 2nd layer confirmed without a doubt that sugar was feeding her pain. She was doing well until she had this thought: “just a little sugar can’t hurt.” Pam learned that a little sugar hurt a lot. One sugar craving led to another and before long, her sugar intake was out of control. One dose of sugar was not enough (a true Agrimony trait). Her pain returned with a vengeance, and she could no longer pretend (another Agrimony trait) that sugar was her friend. Now that Pam was willing to take responsibility for her choices, we introduced the flower essence Agrimony into her regiment along with the recommendation to eliminate sugar once again. I could feel Pam’s fear and resistance. What would Pam choose?

You can see Pam’s previous article here in case you missed it:

Fast forward to Pam’s 3rd layer:

I met with Pam again recently, and she was proud to report that her pain had diminished by 70%, her mobility was greatly improved and she lost a considerable amount of weight. Even more importantly, she was able to get off all her pain meds. Her doctors were amazed. I was happy.

Agrimony helped Pam replace her sugar cravings with healthy food choices. Pam is happy with her choices for the first time in a long time and is confident she can begin to heal her addictions. Knowing that she has the power to control her pain is a powerful shift from her old Agrimony ways. You can read more about the Agrimony personality here:

As she enters her next phase of healing, Pam will come face to face with honoring each choice she makes. If she is not happy with a choice, she is free to change it at any time. Her body will show her the way. It will be up to Pam to decide in that moment if she chooses to be pain free and sugar free.

It will take all of Pam’s courage and determination to stay on this new path. The moment the old cells realize they are not being fed is the moment they will send a message to the brain and the cravings will begin again. I hope Pam is strong enough to say “NO!” I hope Pam chooses love over sugar; love really does heal all.

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