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Healing Chemical Sensitivities

I am one of the blessed mothers. I was blessed with a chemically sensitive child. He was my gift; my teacher who taught me the meaning behind the sensitivities. He came to share information with me so that I could share it with you.

I believe that more and more children are showing signs of chemical sensitivities. They often look the same as ADD or ADHD and autism. So how could a parent know if the symptoms their child exhibits are nothing more than sensitivities to chemicals?

The only way to know if your child is chemically sensitivie is to clean up your act, your home and your environment. Once cleaned up, a chemically sensitive child needs help healing his physical and emotional bodies so that he has the ability to detox chemicals from the body gently and easily.

My own experiences has shown me that most parents believe they have neither the time nor energy to change their lives for their child. It is easier to give a child a drug to hide the problem. But is it? Are there long term effects to drugging our children? And can they ever be drug free if we don't get to the core of the problem?

Joshua taught me that what we put into our children's mouths is extremely important to helping them heal. Pure water is essential. Some city water systems are so toxic, a water filter may not even solve the problem. For instance, Joshua was having problems recently focussing and learning. He was feeling dizzy and shaky. He had not experienced these symptoms in years and he was concerned over the cause.

Living and working in West Hartford, he recently made a conscious decision to purchase a good water filter so he could drink water from the tap. He was feeling more and more concerned over the quality of bottled water as well as the toxins from plastic bottles.

After much discussion and testing, Joshua realized that the water filter he bought was unable to make his water pure enough for his sensitive nature. He was actually poisoning himself.

When Josh was young, we were lucky enough to have a well that gave him pure clean water. Outside our home, however, water was not safe. Water at school was not safe to drink; Josh learned to always bring water with him no matter where he went. It was the only way he was assured of hydrating his system free of toxic chemicals.

Josh's food was always inspected. Organic was always best. And food had to be free of anything artificial whether it be chemicals, preservatives or colors. White flours and white sugars became a way of the past and organic whole grains, vegetables and fruits became his mainstay. The better he ate, the happier he became, physically and emotionally.

Cow products also affected him and we turned our attention to goat, sheep, soy and rice alternatives. Cow dairy affected his ability to breath and digest. Goat and sheep helped him maintain the healthy fat levels essential to his growing body.

Cleaning products and detergents were replaced with more natural choices. And scents were avoided along with fumes.

Our world and our choices affected Joshua; the more green are home and environment, the healthier Joshua was. It was a win-win situation for our whole family.

The family support was essential to his healing. We did not have special foods for Josh. If he could not tolerate it, the rest of us went without. And with each change in our lives, we watched all of us become healthier and happier.

At 27, Joshua continues to nurture and accept himself for who he is. As he grows he continues to heal and learn more about himself. He makes a mother proud!

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