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When God Speaks...

As a 5th chakra Beech personality, I love a great adventure. Buy me a ticket and I’ll go anywhere. So it came as no surprise when I found myself headed to hike the Inca Trail for 4 days to the lost city of Machu Picchu. It had always been on my dream list. I was living my dream.

When first asked to join in this adventure, I was not sure how I could afford it; however, money would not deter me. My healing experiences taught me to focus my energy on my desires instead of my fears. I clearly spoke, “I’m going!” And one day the money magically appeared before me. I asked, the universe provided and I graciously accepted

Ten women all over 50 and from all different backgrounds and beliefs set out together for the adventure of a lifetime. On the way to the airport, the group granted me a moment to set forth our intentions for the journey. It was simple: “Grant us a journey filled with joy, love and laughter; and allow us to follow divine guidance along the way.” And so it was done.

As we boarded the plane to Newark, I came upon my seat in the back of the airplane, a far distance from the rest of my group. I double checked my boarding pass as my seat was already occupied. “Excuse me, is this your seat?” I inquired. In a shy sort of way, he answered me with a simple no and nothing more.

I noticed a young lady sitting to his side and asked, “Is that your daughter?” And again his answer was a simple yes.

“Then you should sit with your daughter. I can sit in your seat. Where is it?”

He pointed to a center seat one row back, and although I preferred my aisle seat to his, I thought it a small price to pay to allow a dad to be with his daughter.

As I sat down, I realized the aisle seat next to me was still empty. I remembered that the stewardess told us the plane was sold out. Time passed and still the seat remained empty. I might get my aisle seat yet. However, just before the doors of the plane closed, a single heavy set gentleman came quickly down the aisle and plopped himself next to me.

He was quite talkative and very entertaining. I learned a lot about him during our 50 minute ride. He was on his way home from Florida to Newark. Originally he had a first class seat on another flight; however, he had a very long lay over and decided to go standby on this flight to try and get home four hours earlier. So here he was, traveling from Florida to Newark by way of Boston.

I also learned that he traveled a lot on business and was a wealth of travel information. Eventually he got to me and where I was going. I proudly answered, “I’m going to Peru to hike the Inca trail.”

“That’s a long trip,” was his reply. “What seats do you have?”

Taken aback by the question, I had to admit I had no idea. He waited patiently while I dug into my bags for my boarding passes. He quickly informed me that I had bad seats and before I knew what was happening, he had his blackberry out scanning for available exit seats on my next flight. “I can get you a much better seat by an exit window. It will give you a lot more leg room and because it’s in the middle of the plane, your seat will still recline.”

It sounded good to me, and with the click of a mouse, my seat was upgraded, maybe not quite as good as first class (okay, so nowhere near first class), but a big improvement none the less.

By now we were getting ready to land. As we shuffled for our carry on bags, the gentleman with his young daughter turned to me and said, “Here, I want to buy you lunch. I appreciate you giving up your seat so I could sit with my daughter.”

Again I was taken aback and quickly told him it was not necessary. He insisted and I took the $20.00.

God speaks to us in mysterious ways. And in that moment, I knew God had spoken to me not once but twice and my trip was barely off the ground! I graciously accepted my gifts and knew that I was being divinely guided. With a sense of knowing and a smile on my face, I consciously decided to allow this journey to unfold. All I had to do from here-on-end was love each step that was laid out before me. And so my journey began…

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