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Consciously Choosing Peace

Imagine a world where there is no pain and no chaos; a world that is surrounded by love and peace, each of us consciously creating our existence and our desires. It is time to create that world by remembering who we came to be.

I have come to this world to help create peace on Earth. It is my spiritual contract that I share with every other being that has chosen to be born upon the Earth. Together, we have a collective contract that states "I will go to Earth to help create peace". Once here, as individuals among the whole, it is easy to forget the importance of our individuality and how our choices affect one another. It is easy to forget who we came to be.

There is only one doorway to peace. That doorway is called forgiveness. Forgiveness takes us directly to the entrance of the heart where truth is waiting. Truth opens the heart to appreciation, and appreciation takes us inside where love guides us to peace. Truth is a conscious choice to love the self and all that surrounds us.

Our ability to help create peace on Earth depends upon our ability to create peace within the 'self' and one’s family. To do this, we must first choose to become forgiving. This can be a challenge because forgiveness is guarded by resistance, and resistance leads to fear. If we are unable to break this barrier, resistance turns us around and we move back toward fear. This becomes a constant cycle of chaos and pain.

Forgiveness moves through the barrier of resistance. All we have to do is speak, “I forgive.” Once forgiveness is spoken, resistance has no power. When we speak with forgiveness we speak our true nature. Truth guided by forgiveness and connected to appreciation powers us to love where we can now heal; healing takes place through the power of love.

The more we express our 'self' with love, the more we create love in life. With practice, time and patience, each of us has the potential to surround our selves with everything we love in life

Truth + Appreciation = Love = Peace

Truth, appreciation and love are the same vibration; the same force. The combined forces of truth, appreciation and love power us to peace.

The easiest way to avoid peace is to avoid truth. Truth is avoided through excuses, explanations and exaggerations, by hiding and pretending, by denying our needs and by choosing fear over love. To come to peace, we must learn to express truthfully with appreciation.

How can we tell the difference between truth and fear?

Truth is an expression of one's personal feelings. My truth is never about you. My truth is about me. And if I am making it about you, it is because I am afraid; I am afraid of not being loved. Fear is energy that is absent of love. It is energy not expressed through the heart.

Thoughts power us throughout the day; without thought we have no energy. Thoughts command a direction, and each individual is the director of their own thoughts. The process for thought direction is simple; there are only two choices. We can choose to direct our thoughts toward love, or we can choose to direct them toward fear. There is nothing else.

If we allow a thought to guide us away from love, fear becomes us and we BECOME fearful. Recognizing that we are the director of our own thoughts allows us the freedom to choose love. By remembering to choose love, forgiveness now becomes us...we BECOME forgiving beings.

Why would we deny our 'self' a thought that is forgiving?

Forgiveness separates our ‘self’ from everyone and everything. It detaches us from fear. The moment of detachment before we enter love is a personal and intimate moment with the self. It is a moment of feeling nothing; a moment of aloneness. Being alone can feel scary.

Fear is used as a connection with one another, even if it is a painful connection. In our distorted fearful mind, feeling fear is better than feeling nothing at all.

Let's recap this information: Love is our natural state of being; it is through our interactions with one another that we learn to fear. If we choose fear over love, we choose to avoid the truth. Once that choice is made, we are no longer connected to love; we are now connected to fear. To reconnect to love, we must forgive our 'self' for choosing fear.

Peace is a creation of our individual choice to forgive everything we fear through life.

How do we choose fear over love?

If we choose fear over love, fear eventually turns into worry, and worry turns into frustration. Frustration is an emotion. Emotions are distorted fears that are stored in the physical body waiting to be expressed. If we do not express our emotions through truth, they eventually turn into pain. Pain connects us to our distorted fears waiting for the moment to be transformed back to love through truth. It can be easy to deny emotions; not so easy to deny pain.

Worry does not have to turn into pain. Instead, we can use worry as an opportunity to recognize that we have moved away from love. Once recognized, we can consciously forgive our 'self' for choosing fear over love. This moment of forgiveness now powers us toward love.

Fear + Anger = Pain = Chaos.

The brain and the heart are designed to think as a partnership. Who we become in life is connected to what we learn in life. Thinking loving thoughts is an inter-dependent process of sharing energy between the brain and the heart.

Each thought comes directly through the brain. For a thought to be powered by love, we must send it directly to the heart. This exchange of energy allows us to love all that we learn in life. Imagine loving every moment of learning who you are and what you have come to be? The more we practice using our heart to think inter-dependent of our brain, the more we create love in life.

If we avoid love and use only our brain to think, we have created a thought void of love. A thought without love will be consumed in fear because fear is the absence of love. Fear has the ability to turn into anger.

Anger can take on many forms. It can be transformed into hate, vengeance or jealousy, guilt or shame, resentment or bitterness. These are our individual choices to move away from love. Anger in any form directed outwardly creates chaos, and chaos becomes war. War is never created through love; war is created through fear.

That brings us to another complimentary force: Chaos is of the same vibration as war. If I am choosing my brain over my heart (fear over love), I am choosing war over peace.

We do not come in fear; we learn to fear. Each experience throughout life teaches us the difference between that which we love and that which we fear. We are free to choose one or the other. As long as I choose to attach my thoughts to the pains of my past or the worry of my future, I am wasting precious energy that can best be used directing this energy to loving the moment I AM CREATING.

Love is a powerful force that creates peace. All we have to do is consciously choose peace through love.

If we were to choose peace above all else, there would be no chaos, no drama and no pain. Instead, there would be understanding, compassion and contentment. Our divine wisdom would lead us to joy that we could share with those we love.

As the Earth releases the pains of our past that have been stored within her for eons of time, each of us will have many opportunities to remember that we are beings of peace. It is in this moment that we will have an opportunity to choose love over fear and peace above all else. Will we remember in that moment that forgiveness is the doorway to love and that love leads to peace? Are we ready to forgive our 'self' for the pains of our past? Are we ready to create peace on Earth? All we have to do is remember to speak, "I forgive me".


Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

Would love to know what these comments translate into... Linda

Max Mosesman said...


I return to your Blog SO often. I love your articles on Fear/Love. It's like I have to remind myself so often to choose Love. It's almost as if I want to take your blog with me wherever I go!!

...maybe that's kinda what I need to do!!...

...In order to Consciously Create Peace/Love, I need to do things that CREATE peace/love/harmony.

...Writing articles like you, or poetry, or songs, or Videos, or Art.

But I would like to take it a step further too. Nutritional Kinesiology sounds like such a powerful understanding.

Did you just intuitively title yourself this? Or did you go through some Herbal training, healing remedies with the use of food, etc.?

Overall, I would like to learn more about Emotional healing, and Intuitive healing through nutrition.

Could I come work with you, or see it in action?

I live in La Crescenta, CA

Hope you have a great day!

- Max Mosesman

Anonymous said...

When i first read this post, it went over my head, found it difficult to grasp your idea, got confused too.
It was only after reading all other articles in the blog out of curiosity, and a repeat reading of this one, that it has brought some clarity.Not fully though.

I gather that, when thought arises (all kinds), we have the free will to energize/chase only that which we choose/select and we can let go many other thoughts that emerge.

We can either waste our energies to pursue those thoughts that feed our anger,hurt,disappointment which lead to fear and anxiety and illness or replace them with forgiveness, love and kindness for positive outcome.
It's always our choice to use the energy for constructive purposes or damaging purposes!

This requires our watching or noticing the quality of our thoughts.
It is very tough in the beginning because we are not used to observing ourselves.
Sooner or later we discover that we are 'silly billies' chasing wasteful thoughts!!!
Conscious use of positive words or affirmations do certainly turn the tide in the beneficial direction.

Thanks for you posts Linda. Looking forward to reading your posts.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

Good morning: Thank you for your powerful words. What I have seen/experienced throughout life within and without of my self is that it seems many of us have become angry, we've become fearful, we've become guilty. How have we become these energies? First by being taught them and then by practicing them over and over and over again. As we grow (physically and spiritually), we can one day realize that "I can choose differently. I can choose to learn to love and forgive. And by practicing these energies over and over and over again, I can one day become loving and forgiving. It is through healing myself that I make a difference in the world.