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The Angry Face

“What did this layer reveal to you?”  I asked Sherry the same question I ask all of my clients.  
“I saw something pretty cool,” she informed me.  “I finally got to see how my emotions create my acne.  It was very clear.  I got mad; my face broke out almost immediately.  I chose to stop being mad; and it went away.”
I was delighted.  It was the moment I was waiting for.  I met Sherry two years ago.  She was 20 and very beautiful.  However, she did not feel beautiful; her skin was broken out with acne.  She asked to work with me because she wanted it to go away, immediately!  I assured her we could focus on healing the acne.  The problem was, there is no quick fix to healing.  Healing is a process of moving through the blocks that keep us from our truth.  And at the moment, Sherry was not dealing in truth because she was dealing in anger; and anger is not truth.  
Sherry was not happy to hear that her skin was related to her anger.  What anger?  She could not comprehend what I was trying to tell her, let alone recognize how angry she was.
Not only could I feel Sherry’s anger, I could see it as well.  Sherry never smiled.  She had no social life; she had no job.  Basically she had no life because as she said herself, “There is no one around here I want to associate with.”  Sherry was a little judgmental and critical.  Okay.. a lot judgmental and critical of everyone!  Wow!
Sherry was not ready to hear the truth.  I somehow convinced her that if she did her layers consistently, she would eventually heal herself, and I would help her through it by helping her see how she created her own acne.
As she peeled layers, it was quite evident that Sherry had an anger issue with her dad.  I felt it was even as deep at hatred.  
Her acne manifested itself in her 5th chakra area, around the mouth, cheeks and upper back, which is connected to intolerance, judgment, control and criticism.  Hmm.. now we were connecting the dots.  I was anyway; Sherry was not ready to connect anything.  She just wanted her acne to go away!
Much to my surprise, Sherry continued her layers... layer upon layer of anger flowers, cleansing herbs and water bottles that spoke of forgiveness and happiness.  And one day, an obvious shift occurred. Sherry was smiling.  Sherry was smiling more than she was frowning.  
She had found herself a job, created new friendships at work, and began to realize, she was happy.  She was liking her life.  And as she liked what she was creating, the rash was disappearing.  Her beauty was able to shine right through the rash.
Each consecutive layer since, Sherry has learned to forgive and let go of her judgments and criticisms. She is learning to develop relationships and enjoying the process.  A far cry from the girl I met two years ago.  Sherry was be-coming happy through the choices she was consciously making.
And for the first time the other day,  Sherry finally understood the meaning behind healing.  Her body spoke to her and she could no longer deny the truth.  Sherry was responsible for her acne and she could now choose to have beautiful skin.
Note - When Sherry wrote me with permission to share her story, she also included this comment.  I thought she said it all quite nicely: 
Its been exactly 2 years since I started and I remember at first I thought I had a list of problems that needed help but as time went on it narrowed down to pretty much just my skin. It is funny I feel like a stranger to the person I was 2 years ago and 1 year ago and 2 months ago.”

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