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The Disappointed Bladder

If your bladder is constantly speaking to you in the form of bloating, swelling, frequent urination or body parts that become too wet or too dry, your first chakra may be in need of your attention, and because the bladder holds the energy of disappointments, it may be that you are spending more time being disappointed in your choices than happy with them.

I believe the bladder is one of the most widely used organs in the physical body.  It is fluid and expansive for a very good reason; its a busy organ. That’s because we are allowed to be disappointed with our self all day long. As humans, its almost expected!  The secret to a healthy bladder is to recognize the moment we make a choice that does not make us happy, ready and willing to change that disappointing choice to one that makes us happy!  

However, more often than not, we are programmed to meet the needs of others before our own needs.  This behavior creates our disappointments and before long, our bladder is filled with choices that are not creating happiness for our self.

Disappointment energy is connected to water energy; and the moment I change a disappointing choice to a happy one, the energy of disappointment will immediately be urinated away, which means if I choose to make me happy, disappointment will never become me.  How divine is that!

However, if I choose to continue down the path of disappointments and eventually my belief becomes, “I AM a disappointment,” the bladder will become stressed and overburdened.  Hence, this personality type will hold water in the form of bloating in the lower abdomen, swelling in the lower extremities, urinary issues, too wet, too dry anywhere in the body.  They easily become potassium deficient, so potassium rich foods help this body type heal.  Water imbalances in the way of drinking way too much water or not enough is part of their unhealthy habits.

There are certain foods that feed disappointment energy.  Hence, this personality type is known to crave the foods that feed disappointments:  Caffeine, chocolate, white sugars, refined carbs and extra salty foods.  When completely out of balance, they often turn to drugs, alcohol, shopping and gambling addictions in an effort to hide from their own disappointing pains.  Denying their own needs and instead focusing on the needs of others becomes a way of life. 

Attention from others makes them feel extremely uncomfortable, avoiding credit for accomplishments they believe they are not worthy of receiving.  Allowing themselves to receive is a thought foreign to the first chakra disappointment personality.  Learning to receive is part of healing.

To begin healing, the first chakra personality type must learn to recognize their own needs, honor their own needs, express their own needs and finally meet their own needs. The next step is to separate from their NEED to take care of those who willing take without the thought of giving in return. 

So if you are a person who has chronic bladder issues, it might be time to try a new approach.. learning to make choices that bring a smile to your face and a light to your heart.  Are you ready to practice happy?  Are you ready to learn and feel the energy of receiving back?  If so, you are ready to begin healing your bladder.

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