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A Spiritual Leap From Drama...

Recently, one of my clients shared the following statement: “This layer was really enlightening. For the first time, I watched my peers at work engage in drama, and I was able to witness it without having to become part of it. I am beginning to understand what you have been trying to teach me all these years!”  

This is the moment I hope for every client. Maryann’s spiritual awakening was preparing her to heal at a vibrational level that has the potential to change her unhealthy patterns of behaviors for the good of all.  This was a moment to celebrate! 

Maryann and I began working together many years ago. At that time, sinus infections and headaches were a ‘normal’ part of Maryann’s daily reality, and yet there is nothing normal about either one.  Both are spiritual signals that Maryann’s beliefs were in dire need of upgrading. My challenge was to help her recognize the thoughts and behaviors attached to her physical symptoms.

Throughout each layer, I challenged Maryann to recognize the behaviors that belonged to her, while at the same time detach from the behaviors that belonged to others.  As long as we are intent on resenting, blaming or choosing bitterness toward someone else’s behaviors, we will continue to deny our ability to change who we have become, and unhealthy relationships will continue to torment our lives.  

Allowing our ‘self’ to accept our contributions to the drama, and then consciously choosing to change our own behaviors helps create happier and healthier outcomes. Because much of these patterns have been passed down through generational DNA, it often takes time, energy and patience to accomplish this spiritual mission.  Luckily, we have a lifetime to do it in!

I realized Maryann was changing her old beliefs when she was able to share these powerful words with me, confirming that she was learning to detach from the drama created by those around her.

I then explained to Maryann, “You have made a huge spiritual step toward healing your self. Yet, there is more work to do.  The next step to healing is allowing the drama you are witnessing to become a comedy; because the truth is, we are all funny beings.


Barbara said...

This hit home for me as drama surrounds me. I sit back and watch others interact and react and think to myself - I cannot control or change the situation that is presenting itself. I stay silent most of the time. Not engaging seems to work the best for me.

Anonymous said...

Amazing perspective. To stop the blame and criticism and be an onlooker is truly a leap in change and lane - off the rut and habitual ways.
Agree with Barbara. Stay silent and out of things you cannot control.
Keep opinions to yourself, no need to take sides, make your statement when asked - and others need not agree nor be proven right. Tough to get to that stage, but certainly possible!!
Thank you for the post.

Anonymous said...

Amazing perspective indeed! Thanks for writing this post.Is this (being an unperturbed observer) what one calls wisdom,equanimity,serenity or is there more needed to reach that state?
Would it not seem like being devoid of emotion, a bit selfish or an unconcerned snob? How does one handle when a crisis happens and needs intervention? Can you please write more on this spiritual part of being a witness?
Looking forward to more posts here from you Ms.Linda.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

Thank you for your kind words. We are emotional beings. What emotions to do you choose to become? So many of us have "become" angry, fearful, guilty. Why not choose to "become" forgiving, understanding, loving?

Witnessing without having to jump in and fix everything for everyone is not selfish. It is self nurturing. That does not mean I don't have an opinion or an emotion. It means I don't have the need to attach to someone else's stuff. Instead, detachment from their stuff allows me to first recognize and then own my own stuff. It is here that I take my stuff back and fix me. Vibrationally, this helps others to fix themselves. Which by the way (I believe) is what we are all here to do. Fix myself.. come to peace with myself. It is then that I truly help bring about peace on the Earth... one moment at a time. It is here that I can begin to LOVE my choices, and love really does heal all.

Anonymous said...

I'm now relieved after reading your explanation. Thank you!

Many a time we are drawn voluntarily or involuntarily into resolving or mitigating a situation that escalates with no solution in sight.Quite draining and stressful.

Now i understand that i can set limits/boundaries for myself,refuse to co-operate when emotionally threatened, might just offer suggestions from my limited knowledge, be okay about failing to resolve nor fret about the outcome!!Phew!!

I also understand that often times an individual will function/conduct/behave from their own anxieties, insecurities and fears. So it is okay not to be overly concerned nor be too influenced by others, each one will find and grow at their own pace and space!
Honestly, writing this, was big help. Pardon me if it intruded into your space. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Best wishes to you.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

I think you expressed yourself beautifully. I think what you state is the most powerful understanding.. we are all reacting from our own fears. How can we judge others when we have not healed the same in ourself? That is what owning my own stuff is about. Heal me and allow others to heal themselves. And love that you did! :) Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Hi! After reading the article and all the comments too, i ask why or what makes us 'jump in' to fix other people's problems? Is it over concern? Fear? Uncomfortable helplessness?
Will Red Chestnut and Centaury remedies help to heal these tendencies?
Do we need to remain aloof like a Water violet person?
Can you please share what flowers can help me detach myself from others' stuff.
How can i make the shift?
Thank you for the article. And also your replies to readers' comments. Learned a bit from there too.
Hope you would help explain some more.
Have a good day!

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

Good morning..

What great questions! You've done a lot of homework on flower essences.

Why do we jump in to fix other people's problems? That is a great question. Mostly I believe we are programmed when we are very young. Often we are taught, "Don't say that." "Don't do that." "You'll hurt their feelings." "They need you to be there."
So.. instead of taking a step back to watch and feel what is really going on, we follow our programming and jump in. This behavior also keeps me from being responsible for my own behaviors and attachments. I make it about "that" out there.

The truth is, my choices are not about anyone else. They are about me.

The choice to use flower essences are very intimate indeed. It is not just about what we recognize on the surface, it is also about how our cells are programmed, which are often difficult to see/feel. Its become normal to fix other's problems... so how can we recognize it for what it really is? Programming becomes a protective barrier to keep from feeling our own pain.

Yes, Red Chestnut and Centaury can help if you are part of that personality type. Honeysuckle may help to detach you from the pains of your past. Yet, you may need to start with Willow is you feel resentment toward your own behaviors and others. We have layers and layers of imbalances within our cellular level. To heal, we must move some stuff out of the way, flush other stuff, realign cells, reprogram cells. Yes, its a lot of work. I believe its what we are here to do... become who we really are.

If you ever want to work at these levels, please contact me anytime.

Anonymous said...

Good morning!
Firstly, thank you very very much for your prompt reply with so much information. I wonder if I really grasped what you explained! Because honestly,I am a rudimentary student, just scratching the surface to learn more of this fascinating healing technique and have a long long way yet to get the true understanding or workings of each flower remedy of Dr. Bach.
It was my own discomfort and sheer ignorance that evoked these questions.They just popped up suddenly! Nothing more.
Pardon me, if they were in anyway improper.
Next, my interest to explore more about Flower remedies was largely prompted after reading many, many articles shared by you here, so once again a big thanks to you for this.
And you have a large heart to share your knowledge here. Thank you.
Heartfelt thanks!

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

You are very welcome.. At one point, we were all rudimentary students just scratching the surface to learn more. And each time I took another step to learn more and more, I knew this is the direction I wanted to go in my healing. I continue to learn each day something new. It never gets old or boring!

As you begin this new journey toward vibrational healing, you will know if this is the direction you want to go. Keep learning, keep experimenting. We are all guided to where we need to be, one step at a time. Enjoy!