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Does Love Really Heal All?

When I work with someone, anyone, everyone, my goal is to help them achieve a lasting sense of feeling love. As most of us can attest to, this undertaking is easier said than done. It seems there are many things that have the power to get in the way of love. Could this power be attached to our need to belong to or be a part of something more than our self? 

This is where I believe we are all in need of tweaking. We are programmed to look to something or someone out there to feel the sensation of love. “If I could just go there,” or “if he would just say that,” or “if only I could have..” is a practice that creates a separation from love within our self. 

It is not to say that love is not meant to be shared. Sharing love is a beautiful experience. The problem begins when we lack the ability to feel love within our self, separate from everyone and everything else.

I am often asked, “How does one begin to love the self?” Most of us are completely clueless. We know how to feel angry, fearful, guilty. We have become proficient at the unhealthy feelings that take us away from love; the feelings that create our personal pains. Why does love so easily evade us?

I believe that love is a force that puts the power of our healing where it belongs.. with the self. Because we are not taught to use this power, we fear it and fear separates us from love. 

The power of love is where healing takes place. Eliminate the pain attached to separation and you begin the process of heading straight toward love. Yet the process to detach from the fear of separation can be painful in itself. 

We have been taught that pain is an inevitable aspect of life. Of course, this is a lie we have been told so often that we now believe it to be true. Speak a lie often enough and lies have the power to feel like truth. However, lies cannot be truth. They are separate energies/entities in conflict with one another. Hmm... maybe that is why we are always in conflict with our self.

So where would one begin to learn to feel the vibration of love? I believe it begins with a thought followed by the word, and that word is love. We can as easily choose to love our experiences as we can choose to hate or fear them. I choose to love my experiences, even those that may be considered ‘bad.” Truthfully, there is no bad experience, there is only the lesson if I am willing to learn from it. We are all free to love every experience, separate from everyone else’s thoughts and feelings.

Once we choose love above all else, we are the cheese that stands alone. What a marvelous place to be. Alone surrounded by everything I love in my life. So here is another conflict. If I am surrounded by everything I love in my life, how can I be alone? I’m not; love is always by my side.  

Trusting in the process of love will be our greatest achievement in life, and love begins with truth. So if you want to head toward love, be truthful with YOUR thoughts and feelings. Eliminate the anger, fear and guilt that was previously attached to your thoughts and feelings. Go straight to truth. It may seem strange at first; practice and you will get very good at it. Love is not angry, fearful or guilty. Love is simply an expression of who I AM in this very moment.

If you are ready to begin healing yourself, choose love, and then you will know for certain if LOVE really does heal ALL. 


Anonymous said...

hi! you are sure fortunate to 'know it'. But this seems to be above my ken! I have not 'got it' yet. It's quite elusive. Unable to grasp the essence you have tried to say here. Pretty frustrating.
How do i make a shift in my perspective? How to stop energizing the thought or emotion? How to break habitual ways of reacting?
Is sheer acceptance of a situation without criticism or blame or judgement or any naming do the trick?
Is this to be seen, 'as is' in a matter of fact way, without the adjectives or riders or stories weaved around it?
Is it just watching without knee-jerk reaction, pause and then act as an dispassionate outsider?
Or is it totally something else? And where am i missing the point?
Oh! How does one embrace the situation totally with love?
Pardon my rambling, it's just ignorance.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write. And yes, I agree, our programming is very powerful and it does not want to shift. I have used many modalities through the years to shift my old paradigms. Flower essences have definitely been in the forefront along with homeopathic remedies and cell salts. Changing my thoughts and words helps as well. And yes, we have to recognize the negative connotations we have attached to our thoughts and words in order to change them. On top of all of it, our resistant cells that have been protecting us for eons are not going to go without our insistence and persistence. This all takes time, energy and patience. Its what we are here to do... bring peace to ourself.

Learning to separate ourself from anything and everyone outside of ourself is key to healing. Separation allows me to own that which is mine so I can begin to change me. As long as I am attached to what is theirs, I am wasting my energy. It is not mine! I finally stopped trying to fix the world and focussed on me and what I witnessed was amazing. I had a lot to fix!

After years and years of this new way of being, I still slip back from time to time. And my physical and emotional bodies let me know immediately. I then remember, "I have more work to do." Which is never a bad thing, so please don't judge it. Allow it. And then love that you did. Love really does heal all.