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Apis for Healing Bites and Stings

Like heals like; that is the basic premise of homeopathy. So in homeopathy, using Bee Venom to help heal a poisonous bite makes sense. Red, itchy, raised and stinging are many of the symptoms Apis may help heal.

Recently, I experienced a mosquito bite that became inflamed, raised and itchy. I sat for a while rubbing and scratching until it dawned on me that this might be a good use for Apis. I never leave home without certain homeopathic remedies; Apis is one of them. 

I’ve used Apis in the past for wasp stings, bee stings and spider bites. Why not a mosquito bite? My bug bite resembled all the symptoms Apis is known to help heal - raised, itchy and red (see picture below). 

After my first dose of Apis, I waited an hour or so and took a second dose. An hour after the second dose, my bug bite changed dramatically (see picture below). The inflammation had decreased, the welt was now a tiny speck and the itching was non-existent. By night's end, I hardly remembered I had a bite at all.

(Here's another little tidbit. If later in the day or the following day, your bug bite speaks to you again, try taking one more pellet. It just might need an additional push to heal it fully.) 

We have been given many options to heal. I choose homeopathy as one of my options. It has the potential to work magic; and if you know me at all, you know I love magic.


Unknown said...

Awesome blog. I will also keep Apis handy, always getting bug bites! Thank you for sharing!! :)

Unknown said...

Wonderful healing!!