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Recognizing the Bitter/Victim Glitch

Tina has been healing old bitterness for a very long time. She has stored it in many areas of her body. It is tied to old childhood pain. No surprise there. After working through bitterness in her lungs that turned into pneumonia, she was ready to move to another layer.

The next layer would take her to the 6th chakra mucus membranes where her bitterness is attached to old victim mentality. Much of this present energy is tied to “having” to take care of an aging mother and feeling she lacks the help and support she needs. 

While speaking about this particular energy, she was excited to share with me that her mother was going back into a nursing home and both her sons were being supportive and helpful through this transition. I could feel her appreciation cells front and center until...

A moment of doubt surfaced; she suddenly lost her focus. I felt the bitter/victim energy emerge, ready to pounce. For that moment, she was in the past, remembering what her sons had previously not done to help her.

She quickly came back to the present. I recognized this as a moment of healing. I wanted to make sure she understood the importance of what I had just witnessed.

“Did you feel the glitch that just happened?” I asked. 

At first, she seemed confused, unsure of what I meant. I explained what I saw and what I felt. “Did you feel it too?”

There was a moment I felt she might have denied it. Yet, she had done enough healing around that bitter/victim energy; she chose to explore more. I shared my thoughts with her. “I think you were moving away from bitterness and into appreciation and your bitter/victim cells were not happy. I think the bitter/victim energy wanted to be sparked, and this moment would have been the perfect opportunity to spark them.”

I was happy that I was there to witness this opportunity with Tina. I encouraged her to stay in the appreciation energy. “Recognize those old cells, honor them for protecting you all those years, then tell them you are done being bitter; you are done being a victim. Go back to appreciation by speaking it clearly. Be in the present; get out of the past. That was then; this is now, and right now, your sons are supporting you. You are getting your needs met.”

Tina listened and understood how important this was. She was able to stay in her appreciation mode. This was a powerful healing moment, and I felt blessed to share it with her.

Will she be tested again? Probably. The universal force of energy wants to know if we mean what we say. Now that she understands how the bitter/victim energy emerges, she can be ready. This is our moment of truth. Who do we want to be? This is our moment of choice. Tina can easily go back to bitter/victim mentality; that road is clearly marked and easy to walk. Or she can love that she chose to appreciate instead. Why not choose love? Love really does heal all...and the way to love is through understanding and appreciation. Tina is on her way.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article and blog posts.

Anonymous said...

Good morning! what a lovely website! soooo informative! thank you!

Would it be possible for you to say how we can protect ourselves from energy dissipation. Looks like i'm quite sensitive and seem to absorb others' energy, especially their negative emotions. Is there any specific flower remedies that can repair/heal our aura. Need this info urgently. Have lost a lot of weight and flesh.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

To protect one's self may be as easy as speaking the words. Sometimes it may take a ceremony. Almost all of the time, its is recognizing my connection to other's energy that is in need of healing. I believe there is a fear in you in need of healing that will require your attention if you are to move forward. Healing takes time, energy and patience. We cannot rush the process as the cells know how to heal themselves. What we need to do is support them through the process.

I would look at the fear flowers and see which ones you recognize in yourself. You can read about them here:

If you can find one that you could put your picture on, begin taking 5 drops a day for a month and see if anything shifts. Sometimes the shift is subtle; sometimes quite powerful. Whatever the shift, be aware and own that which is yours.. which will help separate you from that which is theirs.

Learn to enjoy the process. We are interesting beings after all...

Anonymous said...

Good morning! Thank you very,very much for your reply and valuable information to address my energy dissipation.
Will follow your recommendations, will read up the information on the link, identify the type of fear and certainly take the flower essence for a month.
Glad that you have explained the cause of my condition.
Thank you once again for your timely input.
Best wishes to you for the new year 2018.

Anonymous said...

ms. linda, can you please write an article to understand and ways to help elders with dementia - we (the family)are taking care of my aunt who is 90+years and having dementia and irrational fearful/violent thoughts, mood swings and periods of clarity.
thank you.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

Hello.. Thank you for your comment. However, to write an article simply based on dementia may be a bit difficult. Each person is unique to their own experiences. What I can tell you for certain is that the liver plays a huge role on the brain's ability to process information. So the first that I would do is deal with cleaning up the liver. That means as much organic food as possible along with pure spring water. Then I would try to figure out which liver cleanser would do the best job to flush it. Flower essence can also help with the fears and obsessive thoughts and mood swings.

This would be the beginning of the process. Let me know if I can help you further.

Anonymous said...

ms. linda, thank you very very much for your prompt reply.