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The Art of Forgiveness

Since 1985, I have been learning what healing is all about. And what I have learned is that healing is a simple process that we choose to complicate.

A physical symptom is our spirit's way of getting our attention. It uses our body as a language to speak to us. When we are not happy, our body will reflect it through some type of pain. Pain is the absence of love. So in order to heal, all we have to do is get back to love. Throughout my experiences, this statement is easier said than done.

Why is it so hard to love? We cannot get to love until we get to our heart. And the only way I know to get to the heart is through forgiveness. Forgiveness is the doorway to open the heart. So to heal, all we have to do is forgive.. everything. For some reason, however, we resist forgiveness and prefer to remain in anger and pain.

In speaking to my clients, they are of the belief that forgiveness means "letting someone off the hook for an injustice they have done". However, that is not why we forgive. There is a reaction for every action, so no one gets off the hook for anything.

Then what is the purpose of forgiveness? We forgive so we can free ourselves of our own pains of the past. Forgiveness allows us to move forward with living and creating. It detaches us from pain. It allows us to love the self, and by doing so we can begin to create everything we love in life. What a wonderful process... a process full of wonder!

Or we can not forgive and choose pain instead. That is our free will. Healing is really all about choices. In order to make healthy choices, we have to become conscious. So what is consciousness? It is connecting to the moment and being accountable for your thoughts and actions.

In this state of consciousness, we can pay attention to our thoughts. Each time we recognize a negative thought, we can consciously forgive ourselves for that thought. That moment of conscious forgiveness immediately transforms that negative thought back to love through the heart. Isn't that fun? More importantly, isn't that easy? It can be.

This process takes practice. It takes practice because we have been conditioned for so long to be in pain, either physically or emotionally. It is this conditioning that keeps us stuck in old patterns of behavior. Now if these old patterns make you happy, don't change them. However, if they make you unhappy, you are free to make a different choice at any moment. How about right now?


Anonymous said...

This post was very much needed!!
But Oh so tough to practice!!!Theoretically and from a knowledge level it (forgiving) sounds very meaningful and necessary.
"Forgive them Father, for they know not what what they are doing" is profound.
But how does one get to that level/state?

Is there any flower remedy that helps with forgiveness? Can Holly and Rock Water or Cherry Plum, Walnut, Chestnut bud, Honeysuckle or Pine or Willow enable us to forgive people who hurt us?
Or the mere earnestness in willing to forgive, help pave the way?
I hope Cerato and Gorse will guide us in this search.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

The work I have done over the past 33 years has taught me there is no one simple path to forgiveness, and yet it is very simple at the same time. All we have to do is speak it, over and over and over until it becomes us. I believe whole heartedly that Jesus came to teach us this powerful healing practice. To get there, we have to detach from all the anger, hate, fear, guilt, disappointments that we have been taught to attach to. And that is the true challenge. Attachments to these energies help us feel like we belong. And we do.. to all the pain in the world. Detachment creates a feeling of separation, and we fear separation. What we don't realize, until we experience it, is that separation is where forgiveness and freedom exist. And these two energies bring us to love... loving ourself by loving every thought, word and action. Forgiveness is the doorway to love.

Flower essences can help us get there. They don't do the work for us. They take us to places we have not been able to see clearly. Flower essences help us see through the eyes of truth instead of the emotion. And as we all know, the emotion is very powerful. So powerful it often owns us.

I hope this explains it more clearly for you and thank you for writing!