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My job is to teach you how to heal yourself by connecting you to memory cells that are stored in your body. These memory cells are unfinished energy that is waiting for completion. What are they waiting for? They are waiting for us to be truthful with our self. Truth and love are of the same essence, so when we are truthful with our self, we are loving ourself.

The oppositive of truth is denial. So when we deny our self, this energy is stored as an emotion in our body waiting for us to return to truth or love. Our personal energy or emotion acts like a magnet, attracting experiences to help us heal. It is this attraction of experiences that create our patterns of behavior. These patterns teach us what we need to heal in our self. We will continue to pattern until we choose to change. My job is to help you come to that moment of recognizing exactly what it is that you need to change to move you in the direction of happiness, which only comes from truth and love.

Unlike negative emotions, love is not stored. Love is not meant to be stored because it is meant to be shared. So my question to my clients becomes, what do you choose? Do you choose to store the worst of you; or do you choose to share who you really are?

Healing is a personal experience. You can choose to give your healing decisions to someone else. But in the end, only you are accountable for your own experiences.

Early in life, I made a conscious choice to be in charge of my family’s healing practices. I have never regretted that choice.

In 1975, alternative medicines were still unacceptable as a healing modality. Much has changed since then, but my path remains the same. No one is in charge of my healing except me. In turn, I have empowered my children to understand that they too are in charge of their own healing. There are many people who have come into our lives to help and guide us, but it has never been their job to heal us.

For me, healing began in steps. My first step was to change my eating habits. My chocolate and sugar addictions did not make this step easy. But the more I eliminated white sugars and white flours from my diet, the better I felt. Headaches disappeared first. When dairy was replaced by soy and goat products, my skin improved. Eventually, I eliminated red meat which eliminated chronic stomach cramps. Each step allowed me to watch and feel myself heal.

When the children arrived, it was essential to incorporate more and more healthy habits into our lifestyle. Josh arrived chemically sensitive and dairy allergic. He became my greatest teacher. Josh showed us the path to organic and chemical free living. For that I will always be grateful.

In 1982, we opened our first health food store. We continued to learn and grow and eventually shared our knowledge with an entire community. Our greatest achievement was our third store called Sunflowers, which opened in 1995. Sunflowers was more than a health food store and café. It was an icon in the community. We taught and shared our knowledge of healing. We opened the doorway to create food that was not only healthy, but delicious as well.

Throughout this time, my practice as a nutritional kinesiologist and candida counselor grew. By 1992, I incorporated the Bach® flower essences into the practice which taught me how our emotions play a vital role in our ability to heal our physical bodies. In 1995, I was certified as a Bach® Flower Practitioner. From there my practice expanded further as a Nutritional Kinesiologist specializing in emotional healing with the help of the Bach® Flower Essences.

Certainly allopathic medicines have a place in healing. Twice we have turned to allopathic medicine to help us heal, once when Shan was diagnosed with a dislocated hip and the second time when Josh was diagnosed with a broken collar bone. Otherwise, we have been free of allopathic medicines and drugs and have consciously chosen to avoid immunizations.

I believe we are healthy because we have made different choices. Food is truly our medicine along with homeopathic remedies, herbal tinctures, vitamin supplements and flower essences. We have allowed our immune systems to flourish, and we have learned the language of pain and illness. But most important, we are not afraid to be responsible for our own healing choices.

My collection of Healing You 101 blogs are designed to help you take the first step in healing yourself. We welcome you to learn with us as we experience life as it was meant to be – joyful and healthy.



Anonymous said...

A very big Thank You! Awesomely valuable site for learning to heal!

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

Thank you so much for your kind words.