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Is There More To Food Poisoning Than The Food?

“Mom, I think I got food poisoning at a restaurant on Sunday.” It was now Tuesday morning and although Shan was back at work, she was still experiencing pain in her abdomen. I agreed with her that I thought the shrimp she ate was not quite right, but was there more to her pain than food?

“Why did you wait so long to call me?” My concerned mother’s voice asked.

“I guess I just need to suffer for a while.” She is my Agrimony child after all.

I immediately got to work testing to help her figure out exactly what she was doing to create the symptoms. It soon became clear that fear stood in the way of her ability to heal her stomach pain. I finally asked, “What are you worried about?” As we worked and talked together, it became very clear that she was concerned about money issues after the baby comes. (Yes, I will be a new grandmother in January – yay!) And of course, she would love to have me live closer to help with her first born child.

So we worked together to calm her fears by helping her focus on the joys of her present, knowing that her responsible Agrimony will come through in the end. I also assured her that this new grandmother could easily jump on a plane anytime we deemed it necessary to ensure that our new baby bonded with all of us.

By the end of our conversation, I knew she was feeling safer and more secure in this new endeavor she had undertaken. She felt comfortable knowing that my first priority would always be to spend as much time with our new baby as I possibly could. Denver was just a plane ride away.

I called the next morning to see how she was feeling. Her happy voice answered the phone. “The pain went away as soon as we hung up the phone yesterday mom.” I could not help but smile knowing that we can transform our pain just as fast as we can create it.

I helped Shan get in touch with the issue; she made a conscious choice to change where she was focusing her attention. Healing really can be that simple!

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Geeta said...

Wonderful knowledge :) Now the hard part is actually implementing it!

Congratulations on the incoming baby :)