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Vitamin D and Sunlight - A Most Important Resource

An important source of Vitamin D comes from the sun, as our bodies can synthesize this important nutrient with sunlight exposure.  The sun gives life sustaining energy to every organism on Earth including every cell in our bodies. With the news that many children today are Vitamin D deficient, I decided to “test” what is important to know about Vitamin D. These are the answers I received:

To ensure proper absorption of Vitamin D,  daily sun exposure is essential.  Vitamin D is absorbed through the hair follicles especially at the back of the head near the base of the skull. Where there is no hair, there is less absorption.

More interesting is the next tidbit of information that I received: Vitamin D is best absorbed through movement. Remembering my own childhood, we were sent out of doors to play from early morning until dinnertime, allowed to return indoors only for breakfast or lunch. And yet I have no memory of ever being sunburned.

I took this understanding to another level and asked, “Why are we designed to absorb best through movement?” My answer came quickly and clearly, “Because time is too precious to waste.” In other words, our bodies absorb best when used to create joy in life.  Our bodies are designed to work and play in nature.

Even more information was revealed: The dark, cold winter months of November, December and January require less Vitamin D than our more active, warmer months of June, July and August. These cold, dark times are a time for self reflection. It is a time to slow our body movement which in turn, requires less Vitamin D. So think about how important it is to take advantage of a bright, sunny day during those long winter months. There is nothing healthier for our bodies at that time of year than a good snowball fight or a shovel full of snow!

A sunny winter day is a gift of Vitamin D, one we can easily all take advantage of, so go outside and play!


rick said...

OMG you actually think sunlight contains vitamin D? A question for all: how can someone so ignorant of the human body possibly have anything useful to tell you about health? Vitamin D is manufactured in the body. This is powered by exposure to the ultra-violet component of sunlight (or a tanning bed)

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

Dear Rick: You are absolutely correct that my wording was incorrect and for that I apologize. Thank you for pointing that out to me so I can correct my mistake. Actually I am quite aware that the sun generates Vitamin D through our skin. The one thing I am certain of is that I am not infallible and make mistakes from time to time. Luckily they are all correctable! You may want to check out the flower essence called Beech. It is for those who are intolerant of the flaws of others.

rakins said...

Thank you so very much for the information you posted about sinusitis and resentment. I would not have made this correlation without you. Everything you posted in that first paragraph spoke to me. Thanks again.