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The Law of Attraction Experienced

Bill came to me over four weeks ago. He was not sure why he agreed to this appointment, except his new girlfriend (and client of mine) insisted he needed to see me. So here he was, willing and uncertain.

As we worked, I brought him back to what I thought was a significant age - 32. Bill did not feel especially attached to that age. His thought was, that was then and this is now.

That’s a powerful thought. However I have learned through these many years of helping others heal that if one is being directed to a particular time in the past, energy is still in dire need of attention. Bill agreed to trust the process and committed to try the program to see where it might take him.

What happened at age 32? Bill lost his dad. He had been in a car accident. Certainly there could be energy that still needed attention around a dad’s death. Yet Bill was not feeling it. He felt he had made peace with all that years ago. “Losing a dad due to an accident can be traumatic”, I offered.

“My dad did not die from the accident. He had only injured his leg. My dad died from the procedure to fix his leg.”

Wow! That was another story. As we talked further, I felt that Bill was still holding anger toward the doctor who operated on his dad. And attached to the anger was blame. This anger attached to blame had be-come Bill so that he no longer felt it as anything separate.

So Bill left with this information and worked through the layer. The week before his layer ended, an interesting phenomenon occurred. Bill injured a tendon on his middle finger of his right hand. The injury was so intense that once he got to the hospital, it was determined that a specialist was needed to do the procedure. And lo and behold, who walked through that door? The same doctor who operated on Bill’s dad of course.

Immediately Bill felt the pain of his past emerge. He recognized the energy he had stored all these years; and in that moment of recognition, Bill was being given an opportunity to heal. How would he choose to handle this opportunity? Luckily for Bill, his girlfriend was by his side; the same girlfriend who had done a lot work to heal herself. She gently reminded Bill that it was really not the surgeon who was responsible for his Dad’s death at all. In truth, the surgeon had done his job well. His dad died due to an error on the part of the anesthesiologist.

And in that moment, Bill heard the truth. The energy of the past now moved and Bill allowed the surgeon to operate on his finger. In the end, Bill thanked the surgeon for a job well done.

Was Bill’s injury really an accident or was it part of a divine plan to help him heal?

The accident had nothing to do with Bill’s finger at all; the accident had everything to do with Bill’s heart. His finger was just the means to get to where he needed to go. Bill’s heart needed forgiveness to heal; and in the end, forgiveness won, along with Bill’s heart.

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Unknown said...

What a wonderful life experience and congrats to Bill for being willing to experience it.