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Feed Your Fear or Nourish Your Soul:

“I’m craving fats, and of course I’m craving the bad ones. I want an egg roll really bad”. How many of us can relate to Mandy’s statement and why do we crave that which we know causes us pain?

Prior to this realization, Mandy asked if I would test an eating plan to help her lose weight. It was not the first request of this nature. She was extremely overweight from sugar and carbohydrate abuse and was often unaware that she had become an addict. In other words, she was in denial.

The most important information I heard during her reading was: “sugar is a poison to your system”. If she wanted to heal, agave would have to become her sugar of choice. I asked if she was ready to face her abuse and commit to avoiding sugars.

Immediately her energy pulled back. “I don’t know if I can commit to that.”

“If you can’t commit, then neither can I. So this is the last time I will help you with this issue.”

My words struck her heart and she began to explain why she felt she could not commit. “Those are all excuses. Do you want to stop abusing yourself or not. It is a simple question.”

“Yes I do”, she assured me with certainty.

“Then you will have to commit. And you do that by saying, “I’m done abusing myself and I commit to eating good sugars and good carbohydrates.” With no more resistance, she sealed her new contract.

Words are very powerful. They can shift us in a new and different direction. Just by speaking our truth, we can begin a new journey. In that moment of certainty, Mandy faced a new direction, and her body quickly followed. She purchased whole grain cereals with no sweeteners and added her own agave. She increased her proteins and decreased her carbs, choosing only sprouted grain breads to help nourish her body.

Within days, the bloating was gone and the weight began to come off. Her attitude changed, smiling and laughing from her true nature. Her anger was dissipating quickly.

Because she was no longer abusing herself, she was no longer attracting abusers. She began attracting healthy relationships. And then a funny thing happened. Her fear of rejection reared its ugly little head and began questioning why these attentive men were showing an interest in her. Her third chakra was screaming!

My suggestion to Mandy was to remind herself over and over that “I am worthy of being loved”. She practiced her new mantra daily. Shortly thereafter she called to tell me she had this uncontrollable craving for bad fats. She did not want to submit to it. Why was it so strong?

An answer to her question came quickly. Her ego wanted to take its power back and her fear was demanding to be fed. Let me see if I can explain it a bit further. Our fears of rejection are stored in the gall bladder and because bad fats aggravate the gall bladder, eating bad fats would feed her fear. I encouraged her to see this energy for what it was and make the choice to say no to bad fats.

With confidence she assured me that she was not going to let her ego win. She chose a good fat that did not feed her fear; instead she nourished her soul. How does making a different choice nourish the soul? Mandy turned her fear into loving the fact that she had the power to choose differently, and it is through the love of self that we nourish our soul.


Jane LaFleche said...

This is a very inspirational story but ALSO can be a lesson to all of us in many ways.

Thank you for sharing this "Food For Thought"


Joy Gaffney said...

Thank you Linda for sharing the story of Mandy with us. You definitely have a way helping us be true to our Body, Mind and Soul. Thank you again and it is working for me too. Love Joy