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Choosing Peace Over All Else

Two friends, two experiences, a moment of realization…

My job is to help people understand who they have become through past experiences so they can now be-come who they came to be through conscious choice. In other words, I help connect them to the divinity within.

I believe we are all here for one divine purpose – to help create peace on Earth. Those who are guided to work with me are ready to accept their divine mission. The only way to accomplish this mission is to create peace within the ‘self’ and then to consciously create peace within their own family.

Peaceful individuals are beacons of love and forgiveness; and to be-come who they came to be, they must first forgive the pains of their past so they can begin to love their present. It is through this love and forgiveness that we have an opportunity to create peace on Earth.

Recently, two of these beacons of light were faced with painful situations. The pain they were creating in their present reconnected them to their angers of the past and both consciously chose hate, jealousy and vengeance to respond to their individual situations. Both individuals understand the importance of choosing love and forgiveness to help move through pain, and yet each consciously chose to go against their truth.

These situations brought up a huge realization for me. If we have worked so diligently to consciously understand the importance of choosing love and forgiveness over all else, and we are unable to do so in the moment it is most needed, how will we help guide others toward peace?

It is easy to forget who we came to be when faced with painful situations. The pains of our past are always waiting to reconnect us to who we once were. However, that will not excuse our conscious thoughts and actions that add to chaos and war. We have come to choose differently.

For those of us who have been consciously asking for divine guidance, my question is, do we desire peace? And if our answer is “Yes, I choose peace”, then each of us individually must commit to ALWAYS, no matter the situation or the pain, choose love and forgiveness over all else. It is the only path to peace.

As the Earth is shifting and releasing the hate, jealousy and vengeance of the ages, we will have many opportunities to experience the pains of our past. And through this pain, each of us will have an opportunity to help channel that energy into love and forgiveness. Are we ready to commit to the job we came to do? Are we ready to create peace on Earth?

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Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...


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Thank you for posting the reminder of "choice". Nobody said that choice would become easier. Making a commitment each and every moment is the way to creating a future of peace and love. Those who are willing to acknowledge that Truth in the midst of pain or ego resistance are the wayshowers. May we all be gentle mirrors for eachother so we can continue to point the way.

Posted by Linda for Kusala