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How I Hear is Who I Am...

Diane and I have worked for a very long time.  There was a lot of work to do.  When we first met, Diane was very angry, bitter and resentful.  Yet, she was often unaware of these emotions.  Throughout time, every cell in Diane’s body learned to protect itself with anger, bitterness and resentment.  Diane had become bitter.
These emotions continuously manifested itself in Diane’s mucus membranes causing her to suffer from chronic sinus issues. Her body screamed at her to change; yet Diane had no idea how to be different.  I often pointed out to her the bitterness that was evident in her voice; still she could not hear it.
Throughout the years and the layers, Diane slowly began to recognize her role in her creations.  She watched herself blaming others for the drama and chaos in her life.  As she healed, she learned to become accountable for her own choices.  She learned to take responsibility for her thoughts, words and actions.  She stopped blaming by forgiving her self and those that continuously managed to draw her back in.   She was recognizing the choices that were no longer in direct alignment with who she was now consciously choosing to be.  Her new choices were allowing her more clarity, joy and peace in her life.
Ever so slowly, Diane let go of her past behaviors (which often included the people she had surrounded herself with) and made choices that allowed her to shift into a new gear, She was learning to recognize her angry, bitter and resentful thoughts and words as a vibration within her ‘self‘.  Diane was finally understanding that she was responsible for what she was attracting into her life.  Now she was free to make a different choice; one that would meet her own needs and desires; a choice that would align her to joy. 
The last time I saw Diane, she was certain she had turned onto a much happier road.  Her comment confirmed her certainty.  “I know I am getting better,” she proudly shared with me.  “I woke up the other morning and for the first time, I could hear the songs of the birds.  It sounded like music to my ears.”
I could not help but ask, “What had the birds sounded like previous to that morning?”
She was embarrassed to admit it; however, she shared the truth with me.  “Previous to that day, hearing the birds in the morning was irritating.  It made me angry!”
Diane’s ability to hear the songs of the birds as music to her ears was in direct correlation to her own thoughts and feelings which she had transformed from anger to joy.  What she was hearing outside of her self was the same vibration that she was feeling inside of her self.   Diane was becoming a great teacher of “that which we give, we receive back.” 

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