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Searching For Hidden Joy

When Rachel began working through her emotions, she had no idea where her healing would take her. One year later, Rachel is facing her fears and resentments. To help her heal, Rachel is using two flower essences, Mimulus and Willow.  She is also writing words on her water bottle, “Done, happy and content.” 
She wrote to me recently and explained that this layer is very different than any of the others. She is experiencing more “intense reactions” than her layers of the past.  I liked that she did not describe this experience as bad, but rather intense. The words we use have a huge impact on the desired outcome.
Even more interesting is that Rachel is recognizing “bubbles of fear and anxiety” popping up.  She is learning that these bubbles hold her emotions and as soon as she expresses her feelings, just like magic, the bubbles disappear... “completely” is the word she used.  Then she asked, “Is this how bubbles are supposed to go?” 
“Yes, Rachel, this is exactly how we are designed to heal.” The layers she healed throughout the year brought her to this moment so she could now see and feel her emotions truthfully. 
Recognition is an opportunity to move the energy through the body. How do we move energy?  By expressing it for what it is -- our feelings.  Energy moves by consciously choosing to express our thoughts and feelings. Rachel is learning to pop her bubbles beautifully! 
On this same layer, Rachel is also experiencing moments of exhaustion. She describes it as feeling like she is coming down with something; she then sleeps and feels better.  Rachel is listening to her body’s signals.  Her signal is quite clear: “I’m tired.”  How do we heal tired?  With sleep. 
More often than not, a client who is feeling exhausted during a layer will deny their tired signal. They may resist the truth by attaching fear, frustration or guilt to the exhaustion.  These excuses give us permission to avoid what the body needs most.. rest. This attachment changes the energy.  It is no longer recognized for what it is, making it more difficult to heal.  
Rachel is learning that it is much easier to heal energy at its most intimate level and facing it head on.. or in this case, head down on a pillow!  She is moving beyond resistance and honoring her body’s needs. 
Now here is the best part: Rachel is also experiencing intense periods of joy!  She is learning that beneath the fear and anxiety and beneath the exhaustion lies joy waiting to be discovered.  Rachel has found her hidden joy.  

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JM said...

Thank you Linda for this article. Nice to relate to someone going through similar healing. I also have felt exhaustion, today actually and I did sleep.. and will have a quiet night. Thank you for all the layers you have helped me heal these last 14 years.. I am blessed to have your assistance through these layers. Every year I am am freer and freer. Life is Great!!