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How Do We Know When We Are Healed?

I am often asked by clients, "How do we know when we are healed?"  That is a very good question, and I think I am learning the answer.
For 30 years, I have been experiencing my own healing journey.  As I heal, I recognize a new pattern emerging that feels very healthy.  I am able to laugh at myself.  Not long ago, my old pattern would have been to be angry with myself and then take my anger out on those I love.  The ability to laugh at myself tells me that I am headed in the right direction.
Another important part in the healing process is our ability to hear through divine wisdom. As we heal through the lower chakras we will come face to face with our gifts that channel through our spiritual chakras.  Divine wisdom is the ultimate gift because divine wisdom will never steer us in the wrong direction. The more we listen to divine wisdom, the happier and healthier the outcome.
Most recently, I was given a very simple and powerful lesson about the importance of listening and then following my own divine guidance system (or not):
The volcanic island of Montserrat is in a constant state of transition and creation.  After years of being quiet, the Soufriere Hills volcano blew her top in October of 2009.  This eruption created a new beach on the north side of the island. The new beach is surrounded by huge cliffs and rough ocean waves, and our hiking group could not resist the temptation to make our way down to the shore. 
Being unfamiliar with the territory, most of us opted to keep our hiking shoes on our feet.  I was not happy with that decision.  It made for a cumbersome walk and kept me from the wet seashore where I am most happy feeling the warm Caribbean waters.  I made a mental note to leave my hiking shoes at the bottom of the cliff the next time I visited this beautiful landscape. 
As we walked among the cliff sides, we were saddened that our new beach had become a plastic landfill. It is on this side of the island that the ocean spits back the waste we dump out to sea. The new beach was littered with plastics in every color, shape and size.  We felt compelled to clean up the garbage.
Cleaning up the new beach
Plans were made to return the following week with the largest garbage bags we could find.  On the day of the cleanup, as I walked out the front door of our villa, I clearly heard, “Bring your water shoes with you.”  I understood this was divine guidance; however, we humans have a tendency to deny divinity.  I was sure I did not need water shoes, as I already promised myself to go barefoot!  
The difference between the previous walk and this one was that cleaning up the beach  mandated me to be far from the cool wet sand of the shore.  I quickly learned that black sand gets hotter and hotter with each passing sunny moment. By the end of the 3 long miles, I was sure the sand was well over 100 degrees burning the soles of my feet. Ouch!  

Why, oh why do I not follow my divine direction?  I was sure the angels were having a good laugh on my behalf; I decided to laugh with them.
I learned a valuable lesson that day:
“I know I am HEALING when I hear divine direction; I know I have HEALED when I choose to listen to it!” 

I am patiently waiting for my next divine lesson.


Kathy in Vietnam said...

Great post Linda, I enjoyed it. It provided a lesson and a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, thank you for this and other posts as well.

It would be helpful if you could please share some more,the ways to recognize intuition and how one can increase this 'knowing'. Can it be explained at all?

I ask because many of us are still ignorant or dense and might be missing the cues that could help in our lives tremendously.

Should one express earnestly the need for guidance? Say the words 'help me' or 'guide me'? Or what? or how?

Honestly,I'm clueless!! I don't know! :)

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

Great question..

Our inner knowing is a very personal and intimate moment with ourself. What I do know is that to get to the higher realms we must "lighten" ourselves. If we follow other's beliefs (that are not our own), we may be attaching ourself to heavy and dark energies which keep us weighted down. Its hard to "hear" from the higher realms of our divine truth if we are stuck in pain.

Divinity (angelic realms) cannot break through our darkness. Why would it want to? Divine energy will sit and wait until we are ready to lighten our load through the higher vibrations of truth, trust, love, forgiveness, understanding. This takes time, energy and practice.

It seems we've all gotten very good at anger, fear, guilt, bitterness, etc. That's because we are taught these energies early in life and we practice them daily. Is that who we choose to be now? If not, take the time and energy to reprogram yourself. Practice these higher, loving thoughts and words every day and then see what comes to you.

People channel in different ways... some hear, some see, some feel... again, it is an intimate journey into your own soul. Awareness will help you understand how you channel your own information. Be open to listen.. take time to be quiet with yourself. Don't force anything; experience everything. And love that you did. Love really does heal all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for a prompt reply.

I understand that i have need to be less intense and serious of life's experience :), be more open, do some objective reflection and explore a lot more of what you have explained so well! Will certainly try to be more observant and give it an unbiased look!

Will also take nuggets from your experience and knowledge whenever i get stuck by re-reading your blog posts and writing to you for clarification.

You have given tremendous help with your writing and thanks a ton for it.
Good wishes to you Linda and your family.