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Denying The Artist in Me...

“I just don’t see myself as a 7th chakra artistic personality type,” Sarah sighed with disappointment. She was hoping to find the answer to her dilemma and now she was more confused than before. What eventually happened is amazing!

Sarah and I have been working together for over 4 years. I find her to be young and gentle with a quiet demeanor.  She has attended at least three of my Chakra Personality classes and I am hopeful that she is learning something new about herself at each one. 

After the last class in October, she confided to me that she was very confused over the personality types. “I don’t see myself in any of these personalities.” I thought that very unusual, as most attendees get a pretty good understanding of who they are in the realm of the chakra world. 

“Maybe you are simply young and in need of more experiences in life; more adventures before you can recognize your chakra connection.” Sarah was not so sure.

At our next kinesiology session, Sarah asked for a favor, “Would you be able to test what personality type I am?”  I was happy to oblige. The answer she was given surprised her.

“You are a 7th chakra personality type. These are the artists, the channelers, the delegators of the world. When out of balance, they become unfocussed, scattered, obsessive, flighty. In other words, they are all over the place. As they heal, they realize that their job is to bring the beauty of heaven to Earth.

Now she was totally confused. “I don’t see that in me at all.” Again, I suggested that maybe she has not allowed herself the experiences to be who she came to be. “You are still young, after all.” Sarah left with uncertainty surrounding her. 

My suggestion was, “Go through this next layer and see what is revealed to you.”

Sarah had a lot to share at her next session. “I had a memory pop up on this last layer that I want to share with you.” I am always excited when memories pop. It means we are ready to deal with the issue we have been denying or hiding.

“In elementary school, either kindergarten or first grade, the school offered a bunch of special classes for students that excelled in certain areas or that may benefit by taking these classes. I remember that I was excited and asked to be admitted to the art class. My teacher told my mother that she was not going to allow me into that class because I was too quiet.”

What a profound moment for Sarah. Somewhere in her being she believed what her teacher said about her--she was too quiet to be an artist. What did that do to Sarah? It moved her away from her artistic self, leaving a void within. From that moment, she denied herself any opportunity to be the artist she came to be.

Sarah was excited. “I made a decision on this layer. I am going to take art courses and see if I am an artist. I’m pretty sure I’m not a painter; however, I have had some thoughts about what I might be good at, so those are the courses I am going to begin with.”

Vibrational healing allowed Sarah to remember the moment that that kept her from being who she came to be. Now it is up to her to move through that block and out the other side to see where it might take her. I patiently await the beauty that Sarah will create on the Earth and watch as she learns to share her gifts with others. That is what healing is all about.


Anonymous said...

Good day! interesting article! thank you. Truly curious to know how there is a link between a chakra and a personality type. would it be possible for you to write some articles on them or is it meant for an interactive session where it can be explained better, like in a class?

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

Good morning: I have been studying the chakra personalities through my work with vibrational healing over the past 33 years. It is my hope to write it all down in a book in the near future. I will post it on this site when I finally get to it. And yes, I do teach the class around the New England area. My next class is scheduled in Sturbridge MA on Saturday, October 1 at Alternatives for Health at 11:00 a.m.

Anonymous said...

Good day!Thank you for your reply. Will look forward to those insightful pages and your new book.Best wishes.