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Can Healing Anger Heal Eczema?

Pat and I have been working for just over a month. She originally contacted me to help her heal a rash that she labelled as “eczema”; I recognized it as anger. Pat’s eczema revealed itself on her hands and arms as well as her mouth. All of these areas are connected to the 5th chakra and screamed Beech energy quite nicely. 

I explained that skin rashes are usually tied to anger and the rash on her mouth most likely was the result of anger that had been suppressed and not spoken over time. She assured me she was following my thoughts and was ready and willing to begin a vibrational healing program.

Her first layer consisted of two flower essences: Beech eventually followed by Agrimony. My thought was that the Beech would begin to address the rash on her hands and arms, and the Agrimony would begin to address the rash around her mouth.  

When she contacted me to schedule her second session, she had something quite interesting to share. This is what she wrote:

“I've been following your protocol for me based on our session and have had good results. The Beech helped a lot.”

When we spoke today, she informed me that the “eczema” had all but disappeared. This is amazing even to me after just one layer. Obviously she was ready to heal her Beech energy. Even the rash around her mouth had greatly improved.

The note continued:  “... when I started the Agrimony, I started getting a little itchy (around the mouth) again. I've kept with it though, thinking that I need to work through this.”

I was pleased that she was recognizing how her body spoke once the Agrimony was introduced into the program and taking responsibility for it. Although her lips healed greatly using the Beech, it was clear that the rash around her lips also had an attachment to her Agrimony personality. Pat admitted she was not good at expressing her true feelings to others and the rash around her mouth made sure she understood this glitch.

There was even more to share; her note went on: “Interestingly, I have effortlessly given up a very unconscious habit of chewing on the inside of my mouth. I've done that since I was a child and I just stopped and have no urge to do it any more!! So cool!” Not surprisingly, the mucus membranes inside the mouth are also connected to Beech energy.

As her first layer came to a close, she noticed that she was becoming more agitated and frustrated. Of course, I don’t think she was “becoming” these energies at all. I think they were well hidden underneath the rash and now she was uncovering them so she could take a good look at herself. The agitation and frustration coincided with the introduction of Milk Thistle. There are no coincidences in vibrational healing.

Pat’s one complaint was that two milk thistle capsules caused a headache, so she decreased the dose to one a day. I am pretty sure that the Milk Thistle is not “causing” the headache. Instead, I feel it may be connected to the liver now able to release the toxic energy of frustration that Pat has held onto for a very long time. I reminded Pat that to heal the pain, we have to go through the pain. Pat feels she is ready to go through her pain although we can ask to do it a bit slower and, hopefully, less painfully.

Pat is a fast learner and with each layer she will understanding a little more of how healing takes place. Each layer will reveal more and more about who she has become, which is often quite different than who she truly is. It looks like Pat may have an artist energy hidden deep within herself, and I am excited for Pat to reveal the artist that she has denied all these years. Maybe that’s what’s making Pat so agitated and frustrated!

When I sent Pat her story for approval, she sent me an additional note to share:

“Just to add, the eczema on my right hand and occasionally my underarms has been plaguing me since childhood (actually, as a child, I had eczema all over my feet too!).  I can't believe my hand looks and feels "normal" now! I no longer have to manage it and endure the pain and itching resulting from preparing food and just washing my hands!”

Pat's come a long way in such a short time.

Linda’s note to everyone: Pat’s healing experience is unique to her. Not everyone has such quick responses, and it remains to be seen if Pat’s rash will reappear as she gets deeper into her anger issues. For now, Pat is enjoying being rash-free.

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