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Irritation - Cutting the Thread that Binds You.

Diane felt irritated all the time. She was not happy with her job, her life, her choices. She did not want to be irritated; yet she could not figure out how to free herself from this exhausting energy.

Her irritation led to victim, blaming everything and everyone for her unhappiness. Over much time and many layers, Diane knew something was changing, yet she could not quite put her finger on it. Sometimes we can’t see what’s right before our eyes. One powerful day, however, Diane saw “it,” clear as the truth. It was a simple moment; yet a profound one, all at the same time. This is what she saw:

On the bottom of her curtain hung a little piece of thread. This thread had been there for quite some time; and each time she saw it, it irritated her. This one particular day, however, something different happened. She had a thought. “Why not just cut the thread and stop the irritation?" She took out her scissors and cut the irritating thread. And with that single act, she realized she did not HAVE to be irritated all the time. She could choose to fix whatever it was that irritated her. Why had she not thought of this sooner?

On a cellular level, Diane had a need to be irritated. Irritation had become a protective barrier; she knew no other way to protect herself. So her cells chose the path that felt safest (the path of least resistance) which always led directly to irritation. She was stuck on a path she did not like, yet she did not know how to get off it. It took that little piece of thread to show her the way to detach from those irritating moments, most of which were no bigger than that single thread. 

Diane will be given many more opportunities to create her new path. And as she practices detaching from irritation, freedom will one day become her. I think she’s ready and willing to meet the challenge of freeing herself from those irritating moments…  one thread at a time. All she has to do is allow herself to see them and then cut the thread that binds her.

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