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Truth or Trauma - Which do you Choose?

If it were easy to change the cellular level, we would all be healed by now. The cells respond to every thought we think, word we speak and action we take. They are programmed to follow our lead.

Vibrational healing begins the process of reprogramming. It may take us many layers and many experiences to shift ourselves, many more than we realize. However, each layer allows us yet another opportunity to change our ‘self,’ one cell at a time. 

It took Carol many layers and many experiences before she could see through the eyes of truth instead of the eyes of trauma. This is Carol’s story. It’s worth the read.

“This layer my water bottle and mantra is ‘I am done with trauma;‘ and I finally saw how in dealing with my family I would jump right into trauma. I would not communicate clearly or hold my ground. I became a wounded child and my emotions ran the show. My mind was full of obsessive worries, and I replayed things I wish I had said. Most of all, I felt so much pain because I feared they didn’t like me.

Somehow because of all of our work together, it finally clicked. I was able to see what I was doing. I could see that my stand was a good one and that I needed to communicate it like a grown up instead of a child. It was so obvious that I suddenly could easily speak my truth without anger or fear of my family’s rejection. Truth and peace were more important than their approval.  I simply had no more energy or desire to spin in trauma. It seems so simple now. It’s amazing I couldn’t see it before and it feels wonderful!”

It took a long time for Carol to finally shift her fear into courage; it was time well spent. Now that she has found the path to truth, she will be tested to see if she can stay on it. Each experience will be another opportunity to not only speak her truth, but to live her truth as well.  Truth is the same vibration as love. As long as Carol stays in her truth, she is learning to love herself. And as we all know, love really does heal all! 

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