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Healing the Cellular Memory

Mary and I have been working for almost 9 years. She told me today that her first appointment with me was in December of 1999. I felt my ego jump in and wonder, why so long? I then pushed my ego aside and learned that healing is not attached to time. Healing takes place when we are healthy in our thoughts, our words and our deeds. In simpler terms, healing takes place when we are healthy enough to allow our “self” to heal.

When I met Mary, she was very ill. Both her immune and energy systems were drained. She could no longer function. Her body had enough. As I watched Mary begin to heal, I saw an old pattern that Mary had not been able to connect to. She was compulsive. According to the dictionary compulsive means: “Somebody whose actions are driven by a usually irrational psychological force.”

Mary was driven; cooking was her drive. She cooked all day to fill a freezer that could never be full enough. When she shopped at the store, she bought six of this and five of that. She could never buy enough. Finally I asked her, who are you cooking for? In reality there was only her and her husband at home. She was taken aback by that question. She didn’t really have an answer.

When she realized her compulsion with cooking, she refocused her energy into making crafts. She loved to create. However, once she began she could not stop. She worked day and night; she could not make enough. Her room was so full of crafts of all shapes and sizes that she had to have a craft show.

We used the flower essence Vervain to help Mary begin to heal her compulsive behaviors. As we worked her Vervain issue, anger began to reveal itself in Mary’s body. Her intestines spoke loud and clear asking her to recognize her impatient personality. The flower essence “Impatiens” helped to slow her down so she could begin to see differently.

Next her resentment personality was free to show itself and sinus issues emerged. Chicory and Willow were introduced into her program.

As time went on, I listened to Mary’s resentment voice. I realized that Mary was incapable of hearing her own resentment because resentment had be-come her. I worked each layer to help Mary hear the language she was speaking; it was a language attached to resentment. And one day Mary was able to hear the resentment she was holding in her self. Now she could begin to heal it.

As her resentments healed, her body turned itself to the language of the bladder which holds disappointments. Mary had be-come a disappointment; she felt she could never do enough and her life was reflecting her belief. And so we worked on Mary’s bladder and for the past many layers, Mary was deep into her disappointment issues. She urinated constantly, keeping her awake at night. Cantharis and Nat Mur became her constant companions, and finally on her last layer, Impatiens was reintroduced which signaled to me that anger was an underlying factor in all these disappointments.

On that same layer, she was back to age 6. Again I asked, “What does age 6 mean to you?” Mary and I had been back to age 6 many times in the past; this time was different. In a moment, Mary remembered. She remembered a very traumatic event in first grade. She had wet her self. And instead of that small beautiful child being loved and nurtured through that experience, the teacher traumatized and punished her in front of her classmates.

That one experience, if handled differently, could have helped Mary come to a place of accepting her self; instead that one experience traumatized her to the point of such pain and embarrassment that she chose to hide from her self. Her body in return has been hiding that trauma all these years through compulsion, impatience, resentment and disappointment.

After our 9 years of working together, Mary has done a lot of healing. She was now healthy enough to heal her traumatic memory cell. She no longer had to hide from her self. Mary learned to love her self.

When I saw Mary today, she no longer needed Cantharis. So I had to ask, “How is your bladder issue?” Mary smiled and was proud to announce that it no longer had an effect on her. Her bladder was behaving just fine.

Today, Mary’s focus is no longer on cooking or crafts. She gave both of those compulsions up a while ago. Instead she has found gardening, not through compulsion but through love. Mary does not need to be compulsive to run from her pain because she has now healed her pain. Mary’s garden is filled with love. And from what I am told it has be-come a Garden of Eden which according to the dictionary is: “any place seen as being perfect, highly pleasing, or happy”. Mary’s garden is a reflection of Mary her self.


drjon said...

Just found your site this evening. Love it....
Very affirming to hear someone else sound like me!
Keep up the good work!


yasmin said...

Wow. just read Mary's story and had tears welling up in my eyes it was just so tragic how something that happened as a child and handled so badly affected Mary.I only discovered your site by accident as I was trying to find answers to health problems. Linda I wish you were over here in Australia, we could do with someone special like you with wonderful insight. Thanking you, yasmin.