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The Words on my Water Bottle:

Dr. Masaru Emoto's, Messages from Water, teaches us that the thoughts we think and the words we speak affect the cells in our body; these same thoughts and words also have the potential to affect the people we come into contact with on a daily basis. Emoto's theory makes perfect sense to me, so much so that I began to incorporate his concept into my own work with family and clients. What fascinates me is that the use of words on a water bottle is inconsistent with each layer. Sometimes a client needs help to vibrate to higher thoughts and words, and sometimes they don't.

Each layer is unique to the memory cell we are being asked to heal at that moment. The tools we use on each layer to help connect to these memory cells are also unique. Because of this uniqueness, not every layer requires a message on our water bottle in order to heal. I began to wonder, what was the connection that warranted words on our water bottle during certain times? And why not write powerful words on our water bottles all the time? Writing beautiful words on a water bottle cannot be hurtful in any way. Quite the contrary. Vibrating to any beautiful word or words can only help our cells become more calm and peaceful. So what are the specific times during a particular layer that words on a water bottle are important to help us heal?

I started to pay closer attention to individual layers. I began to realize that the words on a water bottle are extremely important when a client meets a moment of resistance to change a particular pattern of behavior. For the physical being, change can be difficult and resistance often takes over.

Why are we so easily attached to resistance? From a very young age, we are pulled and pushed in many different directions for the sole purpose of meeting the needs of others. Resistance protects us from that push and pull, which at times can be healthy. However, resistance can also work to the opposite extreme. Resistance can keep us from becoming who we came to be because who we have become feels comfortable and safe. Resistance is a force that stops the healing process.

A precise word on a water bottle helps us to recognize the force that keeps us from healing. Recognition affords us another opportunity to heal by consciously choosing to change our patterns of behavior. Writing appropriate words on a water bottle can help to direct our thoughts to a particular group of cells that require attention. This attention can begin to move us toward change, and change is the doorway to healing.

For instance, if we have become discontent in life, we may create a resistance to feeling content. The resistant force is a shield that protects us from following the needs of others. This energy is really a fear that has become distorted. It is the distorted fear that creates the belief that without discontentment we may lose our 'self' to the needs of others. The simple thought of moving to a state of contentment stimulates that fear. The truth is we are already lost in the discontentment that has become us. Such was the case with one particular client recently.

Margaret was working on a layer to help her connect to a time when discontentment became a part of her vibration; discontentment had become her. She was quick to admit that she was extremely discontent with almost every aspect of her life. She was not happy and yet she had no idea how to begin to step away from the path she had created. This is the moment words on a water bottle can be very helpful. The words we write connect us to the cells that are holding this distorted belief. It is a moment of enlightenment that frees us to now consciously choose contentment.

During this layer, Margaret was asked to write "I am content" on her water bottle and drink from it every day. The next time I spoke to Margaret, she admitted that half-way through her layer she stopped drinking from her "content" water bottle. What made her decide to stop such a simple practice? Her answer surprised me:

"Every time I drank from the water, I felt I was trying to trick myself into feeling content. I knew I was not content at all, and by drinking from that water bottle, I was simply trying to fool myself into contentment".

I thought it comical that she was unable to recognize this behavior as her own resistance to change. She was convinced that using the water bottle was simply a trick to make her think she was content. My reply was quick in coming: "Margaret, you have been fooling yourself for many years that you are not content. Why not try and fool yourself that you are?"

Margaret put the words back on her water bottle.

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bettie said...

I am putting positive things like love and healing. And sitting the water outside in sun. I have copd and i believe that the water is truly helping me.