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Is Sneezing the First Sign of Resentment?

Can a healthy body create an immediate reaction to our thoughts, words and actions?  A recent experience left me no doubt that the physical body has a language that will not be denied.

One recent Saturday morning, I was scheduled to speak at a woman’s group about 12 minutes away. I was asked to arrive a few minutes early to set up before the guests arrived.  My seminar was scheduled to begin at 11:00; the present time was 10:30.  I was certain I had plenty of time until... 

My thought turned to the possibility of making a short detour to Starbucks for my favorite treat - “decaf soy latte, no foam please!” That happy thought was quickly replaced with another, “If I take the time to get the coffee, I may arrive after the guests.”  For a few seconds my ego and my truth battled inside my brain.  
  • “Should I get the coffee?” 
  • “Not a good idea...”  
  • “But I want a coffee!” 
  • “Too late; you have to be there early!”
Eventually, my “too late; you have to be there early” argument won and I consciously chose to deny myself my coffee.  Within seconds, an amazing phenomenon occurred. I began sneezing uncontrollably followed by an immediate stuffy nose. My nose had my full attention, and I was ready to listen.

I have been involved in vibrational healing long enough to know that the mucus membranes hold the energy of resentments, bitterness and blame.  The sneezing assured me that my negative thoughts took me to the doorway of my resentment arena. I was resenting the choice I made. 

I have also learned that listening to the language of the physical body is the healthiest path to take. After having a good chuckle at myself, I changed my mind. I took the left at the light instead of the right to the dismay of my GPS whose voice pleaded with me to “turn around now!”  I ignored her voice and instead listened to my inner wisdom. I continued on to Starbucks.

A few seconds later, the sneezing stopped and the stuffy nose dissipated.  The immediate disappearance of my symptoms confirmed that the left turn was the right one! For once, instant karma did not get me!

As my clients dig deeper into their personal healing journeys, they often comment that they are feeling more sensitive with each layer. I assure them that their physical symptoms are a unique language waiting to be interpreted; and one day they will embrace each symptom for what it is... a calling to mute the ego along with the GPS!


Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

I am posting the following comment for a client (with her permission) who was unable to get in for some reason. I thought it was worth posting:

" I just wanted to say your entry couldn't have come at a better time for me. I was having a stuffy nose and it was being caused by negative thoughts. After reading what you said I told my ego no I am not going to think that way anymore. My nose immediately became clearer.

Thanks for all you do!"

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

Dear Renee: We are very powerful beings once we own that which is ours and detach from that which is not. Now we can begin the process of change. Good for you for taking the time to heal yourself!