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The Importance of Pure Water

We all know that water is important. Pure spring water has a healing effect on the body. But not all water is created equal. There are a few simple rules to getting the greatest benefit out of your daily water rations.
  • Don't drink too much water. It puts a strain on the bladder.
  • Don't drink too little water. It sets us up for dehydration problems.
So what is the "just right" amount of water? Anywhere from 6-8 cups per day. You heard right. Gallons are not a necessary part of survival, unless of course you are running a marathon in the mid of summer heat. But for the average American who does little else than walk to and from their car pushing papers around all day, 6-8 cups of water will do just fine.

Now that we have an amount in play, did you know there were correct ways to drink the water?
  • Don't sip water all day long. It does not help to rehydrate the system and puts stress on the bladder. Sipping water all day long is equivalent to eating a snack all day long. Neither is healthy. Drink a cup of water upon awakening to rehydrate the system.
  • Don't drink water with your meals. Instead, drink a cup of water before each meal. It will help to give you a full feeling which in turn could decrease the amount of food consumed at each meal. And that's usually not a bad thing!
  • Avoid water that is too hot or too cold. It puts additional stress on the body. Drink water that is just right - slightly cool to the taste or room temperature works just fine.
Keep your water pure! City water systems are often mandated to add chlorine to their drinking supply. Chlorine poisons the body. Avoid it at all costs! Either filter your water or buy pure SPRING water. Know your water supplier. It's sad but true that we actually have to read water labels to ensure that we are getting the best for our body. The healthier your water, the healthier you will be too!


Brett Grant said...

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Robin said...

Thats an awesome post to know the importance of pure water. Thanks for sharing...

Unknown said...

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