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Overwhelmed by Life...

The feeling of being overwhelmed shows itself when our belief becomes “too much” of one thing attached to “not enough” of another. Space, time and finances play a huge role in the creation of this energy. The feeling of being overwhelmed projects outwardly as worry; and because worry is wasted energy, the person has the potential to become exhausted. This same energy could best be used to create one’s desires through accomplishments.

Lower back pain is often connected to the overwhelmed personality. How does overwhelmed energy become a pain in the back? Focusing on the lack of anything has the potential to turn into frustration. Over time, frustration can be outwardly directed as anger, and anger is inflammatory. The individual is no longer accountable to the ‘self’ and instead uses blame and resentment toward another. Now this energy moves into the second chakra because it is no longer about the individual; it is about the relationship; hence, the creation of lower back pain. The purpose of pain is to bring attention back to the individual and what better way to get our attention than through pain?

Bill is a perfect example of an overwhelmed personality. Early in our relationship, he often experienced severe lower back pain which forced him to spend many a days on the couch. At that point in our relationship, he had little faith in energetic healing. He avoided my advice and chose to hide his pain with pills in order to function.

Like clockwork, his back pain emerged every few months. Eventually, his pain screamed so loudly that he was unable to walk without the use of a cane. My new partner was aging before my eyes. It was time to update my contract with him: “You can continue to age with pain and canes, in which case, I will have to excuse myself from this relationship; or you can allow me to help you recognize what you are doing to create your pain so you can consciously heal.” Desperate measures call for desperate moments. He reluctantly consented.

With each new occurrence, I walked him through his patterns of behavior. He eventually recognized that his pain was always connected to a project he began and the realization that the time to accomplish the project was limited (too much to do and not enough time to do it in). It was the lack of time that caused his frustration. If his frustration went on too long, he eventually directed it toward me as resentment.

It was easy to recognize his frustration that was attached to time limitations. It was more difficult for him to admit that he resented and blamed me for the situation. Eventually, he stopped denying the truth which allowed him to consciously stop directing the anger toward me and focus on why he was so frustrated. What exactly was he frustrated about? His frustration stemmed from his procrastination which put him in a position of not having enough time to accomplish his projects. Change the behavior; heal the pain.

The flower essence Elm helped him see clearly the behavior he had once denied. Once recognized, he had an opportunity to change. He has come a long way in his healing. Now when his back twinges or tweaks, he recognizes it as the moment he enters his overwhelmed state. And it is in that moment he has an opportunity to change. How does he do that? By expressing his overwhelmed feelings and then consciously choosing to deal with the issue before him.


Unknown said...

Elm really does work. I would not have believed this three years ago when I had a spinal fusion in my neck as a result of the removal of two degenerating discs. I am not sure the neck is the same chakra as back pain though. Having used Elm, Yellowdock, Mag Phos and Burdock as prescribed by Linda I now recognize the pain and inflamation for what it is and I am no longer transfering my resentment and frustration onto others who are close to me. I am not perfect and still have flareups because of my procrastination, but once you know you know. I am continuously changing my work habits when the neck flares up before I take it out on others who are close to me. Cool stuff. Really works.

Unknown said...

Great and informative post!!! Thanks! I've so often seen the link between mind/body/emotions/Spirit at work in my own life as well as in the lives of others. It's something that I think is finally getting the recognition and widespread attention it deserves. Healing on all levels can not only be accomplished, but is integral to well-being.

I was recently introduced to a book called Streetwise Spirituality by Carol Marleigh Kline. It's tagline is "28 Days to Inner Fitness and Everyday Enlightenment" and it is one of those books that, I think, can benefit people on many different levels. It's written mainly with women in mind and I've enjoyed the wisdom of the true stories as well as the encouragement it provides that we can use all that we have allowed to hold us back to find a true place of happiness. Definitely a healing read! I highly recommend it!

Thanks again for your post. =)